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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

Originally Posted by uz2b-len View Post
There is a Trey Jones some where out there in sportsland. Dumb mistake.
I've also changed my mind about Fordham's zone defense causing us problems. We scored 37 pts against it compared to 40 pts in the first half against their mano a mano. So the difference in the second half wasnt that, it was the 47 pts that Fordham scored. Yikes! That's a lot of points! How that happened I do not know. I guess we missed Jesse Morgan's perimeter defense on Frazier. Good thing we did score 37.
On our board people had been commenting on how our D was better in the 2nd. I countered that with your comment about how the scoring first half vs. second was fairly even by you guys, but then someone pointed out that you scored 5 points on free-throws in the last 29 seconds. It is possible that zone was more of an issue than the score indicates.
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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

The zone was less of a factor than Mandell Thomas denying Williams the ball. At one point we were playing a box and 1 on him. That forced Williams to really work hard on offense just to get the ball and forced Trey Davis to make plays, which to his credit he did. Making Williams work on offense also hurt his defense a little. He did not have as much energy to dog the point and it helped us get open looks. This is a game I thought Fordham could win and we lost it in the first half by not being prepared and coming out flat. When our 2 best players have 2 points in the first half there is something wrong and it is on the players and the coaches for not fixing it before halftime. Wasted opportunity.
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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

I'm just glad UMass doesn't play Fordham again.
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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

Originally Posted by uz2b-len View Post
Just to provide a little more perspective. Fordham went zone defense in the second half, and that slowed us down. It was a 2-1-2 most of the time, which took us out of our usual high post zone offense. Freshman Trey Jones stepped in for some of Jesse Morgan's minutes and did well, 12 pts, 4 assists, 0 turnovers. He did some nice zone busting by getting into the lane and getting off some quick floaters. He also made the key assist that got Freddie Riley an open look for a three pointer that salted the game away. I can't explain the difference in Gaston between halves--maybe some Fordham fan can.
I'd rather not get any perspective from you. You have lost all credibility in my eyes. Here is a quote from uz2b-len on the umasshoops forum, in response to someone calling Raphiael Putney "garbage":

"Accidentally clicked on this thread, been avoiding it to preserve my tranquility. But I saw this comment. Unfortunately, kdogg, you couldn't be more wrong. I don't know if this has already been said, but this is exactly the kind of language that is used in the media as the prelude to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Also the common language of the sex abuser. Now of course that's not your intention, but every time someone uses that language that make it easier for the perpetrators and criminals. I know you won't believe that, and, unfortunately, that's a sign of the ignorance that is complicit with all kinds of crimes. And I'm not looking back in this thread, so I won't be reading your answer."

I can't believe I just read that. That borders on muddled logic... Legit most ridiculous post I've ever seen on a message board. I'm sorry if this is a personal attack, but with the number of times uz has attacked me I just could not resist this.
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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

i can't wait until you "lose" your conference predictions results.
we don't suck
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Re: Game Thread: UMASS @ Fordham (Sunday 1/13/13)

Chaz Williams is still one of the most exciting players in the league.

Glad I don't have to see him up close anytime soon.
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