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Re: About last night.

Originally Posted by Dornado View Post
I would think that if Thibs was going to send a message to "GarPax" he would have done that in the offseason... I doubt they just go about their business without explaining at least some of their philosophy (punting this year, pretty much) to Thibs over the course of the summer. As I heard Terry Boers mention on the radio when I was in the car a few minutes ago, it seems far more reasonable to assume that the message was being sent to Robinson, Bellinelli and company. In theory, the bench responded, though last nights game was the first game I've missed this year.... looked like the bench did well.

Supposedly he did send the message to GarPax this offseason. If I recall, the reporting was he was asked who on the bench mob was indispensable, and he replied "everyone."

I agree, if a message was being sent, it was to the bench, not management. Produce, or you won't get any burn.
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Re: About last night.

Originally Posted by Rhyder View Post
Doubtful. It's interesting that the same names are on the top 20 defensive rating on basketball-reference.


1. Kevin Garnett-BOS 94.2
2. Carlos Boozer-CHI 95.2
3. Dwight Howard-ORL 95.6
4. Joakim Noah-CHI 95.7
5. Josh Smith-ATL 95.9
6. Elton Brand-PHI 96.2
7. Taj Gibson-CHI 96.4
8. LeBron James-MIA 97.4
9. Andre Iguodala-PHI 97.8
10. Marcus Camby-TOT 98.1
11. Serge Ibaka-OKC 98.3
12. Paul Pierce-BOS 98.6
13. Tim Duncan-SAS 98.6
14. Evan Turner-PHI 98.7
15. Tyson Chandler-NYK 98.7
16. Dwyane Wade-MIA 98.8
Ronnie Brewer-CHI 98.9
18. Rajon Rondo-BOS 98.9
19. Udonis Haslem-MIA 98.9
20. Brandon Bass-BOS 99.1


1. Tim Duncan-SAS 94.0
2. Roy Hibbert-IND 94.2
3. Josh Smith-ATL 94.7
4. Tony Allen-MEM 96.0
5. Reggie Evans-BRK 96.0
6. Dwight Howard-LAL 96.2
7. Zaza Pachulia-ATL 97.1
8. Joakim Noah-CHI 97.2
9. Taj Gibson-CHI 97.4
10. Carlos Boozer-CHI 97.4
11. Paul George-IND 97.8
12. Andre Drummond-DET 98.1
13. David West-IND 98.2
14. Kevin Durant-OKC 98.4
15. Larry Sanders-MIL 98.4
16. Tyler Hansbrough-IND 98.4
17. Dorell Wright-PHI 98.6
18. Zach Randolph-MEM 98.6
19. Kris Humphries-BRK 98.8
20. Al Horford-ATL 98.9

Omer did not make the list last season nor this. I think Boozer makes the list because he plays almost all of his minutes with Noah and Deng. I also assume defensive rebounding is somewhere in the calculation, and Boozer is quite adept at that.
omer didn't play enough minutes to qualify ...his rating was 92 last season...this season its 103...guess there is a difference when you go up against starters, outside of thibs system.
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