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Magnetic Highway

Found! A magnetic highway at the edge of our solar system!

The "highway" was discovered when Voyager's instruments began reading a large increase in high-energy charged particles. That should have meant that Voyager had just exited the heliosphere (the large "magnetic bubble" that contains our solar system and our sun's magnetic field), but the probe's magnetic field instrument still showed an east-west orientation consistent with the sun's magnetic influence (it is believed that the magnetic field in interstellar space, outside the heliosphere, has a more north-south orientation).

According to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, a NASA partner, that means Voyager is now in a transitional region where particles from inside our solar system leave for interstellar space and interstellar particles enter the heliosphere.

In a written statement, the Johns Hopkins Lab said that this region is where the magnetic field lines of the heliosphere and interstellar space connect, which allows "lower-energy charged particles that originate from inside our heliosphere ... to zoom out, and higher-energy particles from outside to stream in."
Voyager 1 is still making it happen out there. Nice tech.
But that's just me.

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Re: Magnetic Highway


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Re: Magnetic Highway

Made in USA baby
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Re: Magnetic Highway

Just make me a ****ing lightsaber and a god damn hoverboard already...

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Re: Magnetic Highway

Hey, pal, you need to calm down. They have until 2015 to make the dang hoverboard.
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Originally Posted by Cam*Ron View Post
Anyway, gotta get back to the money. Holla at you lames another day.
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