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FRSL 3.0 Season 1 Power Rankings (West)


Portland Trail Blazerrs:

Blazers have decent scoring/offence eff , good defence , and elite stealing , their bad bad ball handeling and blocking and madicore rebounding is hurting them alot , they will lose alot of games.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C-
Offence efficency: C+
Deffence: B-
Stealing: A
Rebounding: C
Blocking: D
Ball Handeling: D-

Cleveland Cavaliers:

ohhh boy , the Cavs are overachiving right now! they are like "mini" grizzlies , all about offence and ball handeling , but they score much less efficent then the grizzlies , and their deffence is the worst in the league , but the worst deffensive team in the league to be 10-9 is just wow... I expect them to lose ALOT more games this season.

Team Scores:
Scoring: A-
Offence efficency: C-
Deffence: F+
Stealing: D
Rebounding: D-
Blocking: D+
Ball Handeling: B+

Lousville Colonels:

Colonels are another solid offencive team , but they are just horific on the glass and on blocking , infact they are the worst team in the league in both rebounding and shot blocking , along with bad defence I expect to see them lose more games then they win.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C
Offence efficency: B
Deffence: D
Stealing: C
Rebounding: F+
Blocking: F+
Ball Handeling: D+

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Wolves have elite shot blocking , good stealing and thats about it horrible D , horrible offence as well , no wonder they are lossing so much games , and will continue to lose TONS , the bright side: they are very young and will add a top rookie in the upcoming draft.

Team Scores:
Scoring: F+
Offence efficency: F+
Deffence: D+
Stealing: B-
Rebounding: D+
Blocking: A-
Ball Handeling: F+

Seatle Supersonics:

Sonics are a well rounded team , with elite scoring , at the rest of the catagories they are just avg , or slightly above avg , wich means they will win more then 41 games this season , no weaknesses , just solid all around , but they also don't do anything very good exept scoring.

Team Scores:
Scoring: A
Offence efficency: C+
Deffence: C+
Stealing: C+
Rebounding: B-
Blocking: C+
Ball Handeling: C-

New Orleans Jazz:

Jazz is another team that looks elite to me , even more then the Grizzlies , they are alot more balanced , exept madicore scoring , they are just elite all over the place , might be the best well-rounded team in the league , expect to see them in the WCF.

Team Scores:
Scoring: D-
Offence efficency: A
Deffence: B+
Stealing: B+
Rebounding: A
Blocking: B+
Ball Handeling: B-

Los Angeles Lakers:

Lakers are a very unbalanced team , elite shot blocking , good defence very good rebounding but bad scoring/stealing/ball handeling , I think they are over achiving due kenneth beeing a supereb coach , acording to the stats they shouldn't be winning as much , but I guss beeing the best shot blocking team in the league will get you alot of wins. (only Heat come close to the Lakers blocking)

Team Scores:
Scoring: D+
Offence efficency: D-
Deffence: B
Stealing: D+
Rebounding: B+
Blocking: A
Ball Handeling: F+

Los Angeles Clippers:

Clippers have a very nice and balanced offence with good scoring and great offence efficency , BUT they are bad everywhere else , bad D , bad rebounding , madicore ball handeling and shot blocking , we will see alot of losses to the Clippers this year.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B
Offence efficency: B+
Deffence: D-
Stealing: F+
Rebounding: D
Blocking: C-
Ball Handeling: C

Sacramento Kings:

Kings are a balanced team with great scoring and great ball handeling , but everything else is just madicore , they are balanced , but they lack shot blocking like hell! the bad shot blocking is the only thing keeping them at less then 0.500 record.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B+
Offence efficency: C+
Deffence: C
Stealing: C
Rebounding: C-
Blocking: D-
Ball Handeling: B+

Denver Nuggets:

Nugetts are a very well rounded team with elite deffence and shot blocking , good stealing/rebounding/blocking , their main problem is their offence eff , that might prevent them from beating other elite deffensive teams in the playoffs , but they are deff a top 5 team in the west.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C+
Offence efficency: D
Deffence: A-
Stealing: B
Rebounding: B
Blocking: B-
Ball Handeling: A-

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Thunder deff looks like a top team , exept their bad scoring they are solid all over! they have the best deffence in the league along with great stealing , and good rebounding and blocking , props to goulet for building one of the strongest team in the league , I think their bad scoring is their weakness though , probably will prevent them from winning it all.

Team Scores:
Scoring: D
Offence efficency: C+
Deffence: A
Stealing: A-
Rebounding: B
Blocking: B
Ball Handeling: C+

Memphis Grizzlies:

Grizzlies are deff my contender to win the west , they might have the best offence in the league , they are also the best rebounding team in the league along with the Jazz , and have the best ball handeling in the entire western conf.
all and all they look like an elite team with madicore D/blocking/stealing , it doesn't seem to hurt them too much , but its their biggest weakness come to playoffs.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B+
Offence efficency: A-
Deffence: C-
Stealing: D-
Rebounding: A
Blocking: C
Ball Handeling: A

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Re: FRSL 3.0 Season 1 Power Rankings (West)

smh. i blame injuries so far. if this team gets healthy it can win. ill show you...

starting pg 66 TO
SG 49 TO
SF 73 TO
PF 26 TO
C 42 TO

bench 15,63,66 TO

i wouldnt call that 'bad bad ball handling'. in fact id call it above average.

im being outrebounded by less than 1 per game and out blocked .21 per game. and thats without my starting 5 playing even one game together (a trend that will continue for another 50+ days at least). smh at the perception of this team, maybe im the crazy one...

a B- in defense? im allowing 88 ppg thats good for 3rd best...

other than that excellent wright up lol
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Re: FRSL 3.0 Season 1 Power Rankings (West)

first of all , my stats are based on starting 5's , not benches , second of all ball handeling is based on ast-to ratio , and yours is D- wich means your ast-to ratio is 11 best out of 12 teams in the west , so yea I would call that bad ball handeling sorry =] not that mine is good... lol
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2034 KVBL Champions: Miami Heat (Smath)

2029 KVBL Champions: Miami Heat (Smath)

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Re: FRSL 3.0 Season 1 Power Rankings (West)

After talking to a few people, the Kings will give it one more SIM before backing up the military vehicle.
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Any questions?
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