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Top Trade Pieces Around the FRSL

With FRSL insiders having no trades to break down and write about, they are here to write about the the best pieces up for grabs.

In no particular order

Paul Pierce

The aging Paul Pierce is still putting up decent offensive numbers. In 29 minutes he is averaging 15/4.7reb/2ast/1st/1.7 TO while shooting 46% from the field and 38% from 3 and getting to the line an average of 4 times a game hitting 83%. It appears Pierce would be a good fit for a team lacking offence or for anyone wanting to add an extra weapon on the wing. But the question is, how much does Pierce cost? And would it be worth it. At 33 years old and only one more year on his contract Pierce would become a year and a half rental player thats likely going to start slowing down. Boston hasn't said what they want in return for him or what they expect to get, but the word around the offices are that the price is going to be set to high.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk's name has been floated around as being available, and the asking price is young prospects and draft picks. Seeing how Dirk currently makes 20.9 mill this year it is going to be very hard for teams to match this salary while adding picks and/or young players. Although if you're a team in contention and are in need of scroing, while not caring about defense Dirk could end being a key piece on a championship run. Currently putting up 20+points on 47% shooting and getting to the line about 5 times per game, Dirk will be able to get your team some wins on his shooting alone.

Pau Gasol

Another vet out of Philly has been put on the Block. Pau is currently only getting 20 minutes per game behind Dirk and Faried. If someone can afford his contract Gasol would help out most teams around the league. He can score efficiently, he can rebound on the defensive and offensive ends of the court and still has a decent shot blocking ability.

LA Clippers '13 1st

The OKC curently hold this pick, and have laid it out on the table to try and bring in a wing that can score. The Clippers are currently tied for the 5th worst in the league giving this pick some potential value. But we know that Joe Johnson was offered up, and the Raps were told this wasn't close. So the asking price here is going to be high.

Jonas Valunciunas

The 20 year old rookie has been floated around in trade talks. While averaging a double double as a rookie Toronto has been shocked at the amount of offers that have not come in. Toronto has said the asking price will be a shot blocking big that doesn't demand touches on offense.

Joe Johnson

Johnson is currently filling a 6th man role in Toronto. But this is a player that could definately be a starter on alot of teams around the FRSL. Not only will Johnson provide scoring in bunches but he can also hold is own defensively having 7/7/2/5 on his 1-9's. This is another player that if the team can afford him, will provide an extra push for a deep playoff run.

Andrew Bogut

At only 25 years old and having good rebounding and blocking numbers Bogut should be on the top of any team that is looking for a defensive presence around the rim list. The only thing that could scare teams away is his low efficiency rate (for a big) on offense, along with large contract.

Chris Bosh

Put on the block from the Heat, Bosh should be a great asset for a team that needs extra depth at the PF/C spot. Bosh is also capable of creating foul trouble for the opposition which could cause a star player limited minutes.

Monta Ellis

Currently coming off the bench in Seattle, Monta is a player that could easily start for teams who are in need of a player who can provide scoring in bunches.

Hopefully this can spark some trades around the league, and make things a little more interesting.

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Re: Top Trade Pieces Around the FRSL

very nice! start making trade offers dudes!
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Re: Top Trade Pieces Around the FRSL

One of these trade assets is now off the market. Once Omer posts it, everyone will know which one.
But that's just me.

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Re: Top Trade Pieces Around the FRSL

Brandon Jennings removed, CB4 added
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