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2027 KVBL Lottery Mock Draft

1. Orlando Magic - Clifford Grice

Orlando has done a good job of trying to resurrect fan support in spite of its seven consecutive losing seasons by committing to paying talent and making trades, but things just haven't worked out due to poor fit, injuries, and poor play in general. Many Magic fans were inching closer to the edge after another disappointing season this year, but the luck of the lottery has them excited for the future yet again. Last year's top pick, Brooks Melvin, had a respectable rookie season in which he helped Zach Tyler reach new heights offensively (something that's pretty crazy to think about). This year, the team will try to find a piece that can fit in with their Melvin/Tyler/Langston/Little/Stauffer lineup - either a new starter or a bench weapon to be groomed for more down the line. The first overall pick needs to be a hit, so Orlando's scouting staff definitely is going to need to put in the work and find the right guy. Tyler's lack of passing could lead the team to look in the direction of Felix Bangerter, but we're not sold on the Magic front office taking that risk. Chad Severt might have the talent to go this high, but his age and the presence of Melvin makes that a bit of a silly notion. We hate to play it safe, but we're going to go with Clifford Grice for his defense and rebounding. Magic brass has yet to truly embrace Adam Little, and this might be their chance to replace him with someone more to their liking.

2. New Orleans Hornets - Adam Walters

The Hornets exceeded expectations this year largely due to the presence of rookie Harold Kiba, but the inspired play of Melvin Mercilus and Gregor Lomidze inside should also be noted. Still, Mercilus and Lomidze are likely to depart via free agency, so let's not get carried away with them. The Hornets' key pieces are all young and reasonably priced, something that should allow them to begin climbing the KVBL standings soon if they make some smart personnel decisions. Rivera/Osborne/Kiba is a formidable trio, but you're not going to make it very far with journeymen as your starting bigs. That lack of big men has us thinking that the Hornets would love to nab somebody like Clifford Grice, but with him gone they might just opt for mismatches and take Adam Walters out of Idaho. Walters' scoring would help to open things up for the Hornets, and his positional flexibility would enable the team to experiment with he and Osborne at different parts of the floor. Walters is a top three talent for sure this year, we think he's gotta be the pick. If Walters' name isn't called when the Hornets are up, it'll likely be because they've elected to gamble on Felix Bangerter out of Germany. Bangerter would push Osborne back to PF (where he's played extensively in the past) and give them a very nice first four before looking for their center in free agency this year (they do have oodles of cap space).

3. Brooklyn Nets - Chad Severt

The Nets haven't been to the playoffs in a few years, but they've been smartly using these down years to collect assets and have maintained payroll flexibility to the point where they'll be able to try to lure top FAs to town as part of the next great Nets team. This season served mostly as an evaluation period on young talents such as Leon Richardson and Lyle Prower. A bundle of late picks means the Nets will still be a very young team next year, something that could be a factor if they take who we're expecting them to: Chad Severt. Severt's age and experience should allow him to take a leadership role on the Nets immediately, and his ability to run an offense is going to make them a force to be reckoned with sooner rather than later. Fans at the draft might boo this selection over local favorite Sean Carter, but Nets fans will be loving Severt soon enough.

4. Phoenix Suns - Felix Bangerter

Phoenix landed its PG last year when they drafted DeLeeroy Jenkins, but its ragtag group of players around him didn't give the team much of a chance to see what he could do. Moving forward, the team is going to need a guy that can put up points in bunches while still allowing others such as Mickey Nathaniel to be involved. We think the slam dunk pick here, if he's still around, is Felix Bangerter. The German scoring machine would give Jenkins someone worthwhile to pass it to, and the Suns could look quite a bit better with a Bangerter/Ackerman pairing manning the wings. Phoenix is notoriously difficult to project, particularly with their propensity for quickly trading picks anyhow, so we're not super confident in this prediction. Floyd Banks and Antonio Diggs could be surprise picks here.

5. Memphis Grizzlies - Floyd Banks

Memphis is working on getting a genuine rebuild underway around Duke Lazear, something that will take some time to come to fruition as they recover from failed moves in their past. Gambling on youth and potential has seen mixed results early out of Li Mingwei and Simon Saez, but it's much too early to make definitive statements about either of those guys. In our eyes, the Grizzlies can go one of two ways here: PG or big man. An ideal draft night for Memphis would have Chad Severt falling to them and giving their offense legitimacy for years and years to come. We don't think Severt drops to them, however, so we'll go with our pick for the top big man left on the board. Indeed, the one and only Floyd Banks. Banks' defensive wizardry should complement Saez nicely inside and give Lazear and Mingwei a safety net should an opposing player get past them. The Grizz would love to plug a long term PG solution in here, but we don't think that's doable without Severt. Floyd's not a bad consolation prize, not at all.

6. Detroit Pistons - Sean Carter

Detroit has had some issues finding the right mix of players to start winning, and bad luck in the lottery has them in a less than ideal position to tackle fixing that through the draft this year. A gutsy move out of the Pistons would be gambling on the scorer from Italy, Paolo Forlini. Forlini is thought by some scouts to be the best talent available this year, but, of course, there are those who think he's a bust waiting to happen. We agree with those folks for the most part (the latter), and we're thinking the Pistons front office doesn't want to mess up with a pick this high. Instead, the draft as we have it playing out will allow them to take Sean Carter here and give them the SF they've been lacking. Carter is a guy that could be great, and his scoring next to Nick Walker would make the Pistons offense truly dynamic. A lineup of Walker/Clowney/Carter/Phillips/Franco would put Detroit in a nice position to improve on their 28 wins from this past season.

7. Cleveland Cavaliers - Antonio Diggs

The Cavaliers got new ownership this past year, something that has fans in Cleveland optimistic for the first time in a while. The current roster makeup is less than ideal and should be almost completely written off when it comes to long term planning. Barry Wagner is likely to remain a cornerstone for the team, but it remains to be seen if the front office will be able to put a winner around him before he starts to decline. Prime Wagner along with Matt Kilmartin should make the Cavs offense very dangerous, but they're going to need roleplayers to make everything work. One guy who doesn't seem to be getting enough attention in all the draft hoopla is Antonio Diggs out of Iowa State. The Cyclones weren't exactly America's favorite team this year, so it's nothing new. In any case, Diggs is going to be a guy that makes a team very happy for years and years. Easily one of the smartest players in this year's class, you can't really go wrong with a guy like Diggs. No brainer unless some of the top talents drop to this spot.

8. London Raptors - Darryl Mizell

Raptors' ownership seems to be slowly coming to terms with its inability to get things done when it counts lately, and may very well be ready to start a full rebuild. Young talents Cade Rookwell and Ken Akers are likely to be fixtures in London as the team shuffles some parts around to try to once again establish a contender across the Atlantic. There's really no good reason for London not to go BPA here, so we're going to go ahead and go with that. Darryl Mizell couldn't consistently look great while at Gonzaga, but he showed enough flashes to justify going number eight over comparable talents. Paolo Forlini might be the pick if the Raptors are feeling saucy, but then again they might know more than we do given proximity. We're sticking with Mizell.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers - Paolo Forlini

Cleveland's second top ten pick this year is a great place for a gamble. Unless one of the domestic talents can impress in workouts, we see the Cavs rolling the dice on Paolo Forlini and hoping he can be a long term answer at small forward (or even Barry Wagner's eventual replacement).

10. Boston Celtics - Jason Simmons

The Celtics were on the verge of getting new ownership at various points throughout the season, but eventually the league office was able to get things settled down. Perhaps looking to reestablish themselves and set a new course, the front office opted to ship out core guys Xerxes Khoroushi and Xie Dong in exchange for a number of useful parts that are still fairly young. This year's class isn't nearly as strong as last year's, something that makes picking at number ten a lot less exciting and a lot easier when it comes to strategy: BPA! Celtics fans might not love it, but Jason Simmons would likely be a smart get here.

11. Philadelphia 76ers - Douglas Ridenhour

Philly was in the playoff picture out East for much of the season, but that was largely due to the relative mediocrity of the Eastern Conference outside of its main contenders. Moving forward, this team is likely going to need a true alpha dog to get back to making noise in the Atlantic division and beyond. Scotty Clay is a great player and does a lot of things well, but he's not the type to carry a team on his back when it comes to scoring. Guys like Todd Collins and Kevin Salters are along the same lines. DJ Alexander showed some potential for greatness last season, but it's much too early to say what he'll become. We know this is getting old, but BPA is probably the way to go. Douglas Ridenhour should add to the 76ers' depth inside and give them a long term prospect to challenge vets Louis Spinks and Victor Manning.

12. Phoenix Suns - Hunter Hawkins

Phoenix uses its second lotto pick on a guy with at least one guaranteed elite skill (rebounding): Hunter Hawkins. Michael Shakur or Joseph McDaniels could also happen, but their flaws could very well keep them sliding.

13. Philadelphia 76ers - Joseph McDaniels

Another team with multiple lottery selections, Philly is probably wishing it could package this pick with some of its spare parts to help consolidate things a bit. Assuming they don't do that, they'll play it safe and take Joseph McDaniels. The SG from Creighton is very similar to Mizell who we have going at 8 to London. Nothing wrong with that value here, can't overthink things.
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Re: 2027 KVBL Lottery Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Javale McGee
If we played dirty then they must have played unsanitary.
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Re: 2027 KVBL Lottery Mock Draft

I think what happens with the top 3 guys is fairly up in the air, which makes the rest of this pretty hard to predict (especially for me at 4). I'd be happy if things shake out like the mock says though.
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