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KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)


Portland Trail Blazerrs:

Blazers deff seem like a playoff team to me , they are very good even elite everywhere , exept madicore offence efficency and very bad ball handeling , their deffence is the best in the west , stealing/blocking 2nd best , Blazers are deff a team to watch , espically if they can improve their ball handeling , they gona struggle against deffesive/stealing teams.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B-
Offence efficency: C
Deffence: A+
Stealing: A
Rebounding: B+
Blocking: A
Ball Handeling: F+

New Orelans Hornets:

Hornets have tons of potensial , their scoring steal and blocking is great , D is above avg wish allready enough for a low seed playoff spot , but their offence efficency and ball handling are very bad , rebounding is madicore , looks like a team at 0.500 or close to it from to bottem side.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B+
Offence efficency: F+
Deffence: C+
Stealing: A-
Rebounding: D-
Blocking: B+
Ball Handeling: F

Houston Rockets:

Rockets looks like a very well balanced team to me just a madicore one , obviously duck knows how to build teams , they are not very bad anywhere , they are madicore at all catagories with elite ball handling , with Xerxes that might be enough for a playoff spot , Im gambeling they won't make it this year.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C+
Offence efficency: D-
Deffence: D
Stealing: C-
Rebounding: D
Blocking: D
Ball Handeling: A-

Las Vegas TimberWolves:

Wolves look like a upper table playoff team , one of the best offence teams in the west without a doubt , good deffence , good blocking , ok rebounding , their main weaknesses are very bad stealing and madicore ball handeling , might cost them games in the playoffs.

Team Scores:
Scoring: A-
Offence efficency: A
Deffence: B
Stealing: F+
Rebounding: C
Blocking: B+
Ball Handeling: D-

Seatle Supersonics:

Sonics are a solid team , with the best offence efficency in the west , great deffence , good ball handeling , madicore stealing/rebounding , very bad blocking , and madicore scoring , looks like a playoff team with the west beeing so close who knows ? they lost alot of power this season and they gona struggle against teams with good post scoring.

Team Scores:
Scoring: D-
Offence efficency: A+
Deffence: A
Stealing: C+
Rebounding: C-
Blocking: F+
Ball Handeling: B-

Utah Jazz:

Jazz has elite ball handeling , and thats pretty much it , madicore offence efficency/deffence/stealing , bad scoring/rebounding/blocking will probably make sure they lose alot of games , get that pick back KJ! or is it protected?

Team Scores:
Scoring: F
Offence efficency: D+
Deffence: C-
Stealing: D+
Rebounding: F+
Blocking: F
Ball Handeling: A

Los Angeles Lakers:

Lakers are a weird team , they have the best ball handeling in the league , elite blocking and good stealing , wich will win them alot of games , but also alot of weaknesses in madicore offence efficency/rebounding , and bad deffence and scoring , who had thought kenneth will have a bad hehe.

Team Scores:
Scoring: F+
Offence efficency: D
Deffence: F
Stealing: B+
Rebounding: D-
Blocking: A-
Ball Handeling: A+

Los Angeles Clippers:

Clippers look abit diffrent this year without weiland , they have great scoring good deffence and good stealing , but bad rebounding/blocking/offence efficency , ok ball handling , if the stay the same they gona struggle getting a playoff spot , but if they improve 1 of the catagories they can be really good.

Team Scores:
Scoring: A
Offence efficency: F
Deffence: B+
Stealing: B-
Rebounding: F
Blocking: D+
Ball Handeling: C

San Antonio Spurs:

Spurs deff looks like a top team to me , they barily have any weaknesses , very balanced! just solid all around team with the best stealing in the west , good ball handeling/deffence/offence efficency , can't go worng , they seem like a top 3 team out west.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C-
Offence efficency: B-
Deffence: B
Stealing: A+
Rebounding: C+
Blocking: C-
Ball Handeling: B+

Denver Nuggets:

Nuggets are big guys team and it shows in the ratings , they have the best blocking in the west and in the entire league , and elite rebounding , avg+ deffence and offence effiency , but madicore scoring/ball handling/stealing , I can deff see this team at playoffs if they improve their D or stealing.

Team Scores:
Scoring: D+
Offence efficency: C+
Deffence: C
Stealing: D-
Rebounding: A-
Blocking: A+
Ball Handeling: D+

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Thunder team are as balanced as they come! exept madicore rebounding and awful blocking they do everything well , good scoring/efficency , good stealing/ball handling , all that with elite D , one of the best deffences in the league , deff looks like a playoff team , their rebounding/blocking disadvantge will make then struggle against teams with elite bigs , and good rebounding guards.

Team Scores:
Scoring: B
Offence efficency: B
Deffence: A
Stealing: B
Rebounding: D+
Blocking: D-
Ball Handeling: B

Memphis Grizzlies:

Grizz doesn't really do anything VERY good , they have good rebounding/blocking , solid ball handeling and offence efficency , and bad scoring/stealing , don't think they can take a playoff spot with the tight west , but we'll have to wait and see.

Team Scores:
Scoring: D-
Offence efficency: C
Deffence: D+
Stealing: F
Rebounding: B
Blocking: B-
Ball Handeling: C+

Phonix Suns:

Zei's team look alot better this year , but his Suns still have a long way to go , Suns hold one of the worst d's in the league wich will make sure they lose alot of games , they are the best rebounding team in the west though! also they have good offence efficency and ok stealing/blocking/scoring , another team that will fight for a lower seed playoff spot in the west.

Team Scores:
Scoring: C
Offence efficency: B+
Deffence: F+
Stealing: C
Rebounding: A+
Blocking: C
Ball Handeling: D

Vancouver Lions:

Lions looks like a playoff team , and they will be batteling for a top spot in west for sure , they have the best offence in the west , with the best scoring and elite effeicency and ok ball handling , their main weakness is their deffence and stealing , they might come up short when meeting other good offensive teams.

Team Scores:
Scoring: A+
Offence efficency: A-
Deffence: D-
Stealing: D
Rebounding: A
Blocking: C+
Ball Handeling: C-

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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

West sucks.

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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

Magic are the most successful franchise in KVBL.
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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

true story.

2048 KVBL Champions: Orlando Magic (Omer)
Lineup - PG Periklis Sigounas | SG Ray Wagner | SF Jacob Emery | PF Castor Troy | C Gabriel Fortuna | 6th man SF Jose Ramon Marquez
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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

I'm the most positive person in the league about my team.

I win.
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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

I am actually kind of surprised that my stl/blk are more on the average side instead of above average, was hoping that Rhett/Spaceman/Grice would provide all the defensive playmaking I need and, in theory, override some of the 1-9 damage being done by playing Heinonen at SF to get the scoring punch I need.

Definitely hoping to hit the playoffs finally this year, so we shall see.
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Play safe!
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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

That is just a fool's hope, Zei.
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Re: KVBL 2029 Team Grades (West)

You gave my team too much credit, Grizzlies won't even be able to sniff the playoffs
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