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God, this place makes me frisky!
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2071 KVBL Draft Preview


LaVern LaTour, 6’3”, PG/SG, 19, Louisiana–Lafayette
Born and raised in Louisiana, hometown kid LaVern LaTour had fans in la la land last year as he led the Ragin’ Cajuns to an appearance in the Elite Eight. Truly an old school pass first point guard who is solely focused on driving the ball to score. While he has been able to convert three point shots at a reasonable clip, he seems more content to drive to the basket then he is to shoot from deep. Tremendous court vision and passing ability had him in the top five for assists per game this past season. He was widely considered one of the premier point guard defenders in the country with his knack for swiping the ball and initiating the fast break. What might be his most impressive trait though is availability to track the ball and use his athleticism to get rebounds, a category in which he lead his team in this past season. He likely won't have to wait long to have his name called on draft day.

Skyler Bennett, 6'4, PG/SG, 19, Kentucky
MOP in the NCAA East Regional as a freshman, and All-Tournament for the event...this kid is good. Can score from wherever he is, and is a great passer. Skyler is what you want running your team. Good defender in terms of position and steals. Doesn't block a whole lot of shots, but isn't asked to do so. Helps out on the defensive glass as well...which is nice from a point man. 3 point jumper is pure, and he gets it off quickly. This kid has star written all over him, and a team picking in the Top 5 will be well-served to grab this kid.

Konnor Mayhem 6', PG, 20, UNLV
Remember Viktor Mayhem? This kid shares a name but not much else. Pass, 3s, and D is his game...and he does a decent job of it. Doesn't get to the line much, and doesn't go to the rim much. Decent to good defender who gets some steals and blocks a shot or two. Needs to concentrate at the foul line more, because he doesn't get a lot of opportunities.

Moses Adams, 6’5”, SG/PG, 23, Virginia Tech
A double threat of a student for the Hokies, Moses Adams put his intellect on full display as an overachieving political science student and a leader for a basketball team that made several deep tournament runs over the last few seasons. While only average athletically speaking Moses put his high basketball IQ to use in being the reigning ACC defensive player of the year and leading the team in assists. Rebounding wise he is rather weak at SG and average at PG, but his three point shooting helps offset those concerns. You could see him climbing to the top part of the first round if he were younger, but given his age he in all likelihood is what he is at this point.

Robert Titus 6’1”, PG, 20, Minnesota
Solid and a bit of a mixed bag can sum up Gopher point guard Robert Titus. For stretches over the past couple of seasons Titus has been nothing short of brilliant, lighting it up from the outside and dishing it out to his teammates like an All-American point guard. These stretches are fleeting though as his cold streaks have made him look like he’s rather average at his position. With only a disappointing first round exit from the tourney to show for his time in Minneapolis you have the wonder if Titus can put his streaking play behind him otherwise we might expect to see him bounce the league from team to team over the years as a solid bench guard.

Eugene Jett, 6’2”, PG, 21, Washington
The other half of the Huskies’ explosive backcourt, Eugene Jett makes his living beyond the arc where he has proven himself as one of the best three point shooters in the country. While not a dominant passer himself he thrives well playing with another ball handler in the lineup and is careful in limiting his turnovers. His defense leaves something to be desired, but he’s not a complete lost cause there and has shown the ability to get steals though he tends to gamble too much.

Zachary Vernon, 6’5”, SG/PG, 20, Washington
Leading the way for one of the top offenses in the country, Zachary Vernon was a focal point of the Husky offense leading the team in scoring and being a human highlight reel frequently showing up on top ten play lists with his gravity defying dunks. While he has displayed some potential with his outside shot this is still very much a work in progress. His rebounding is a bit weak at SG, but with some work he could maybe be average on the next level. He has athleticism to stick with anyone at SG or PG, but he needs some work on his technique if he wants to be an effective defender on te next level.

Christopher Dunlap, 6’4”, PG, 21, Villanova
The Wildcats were true to their namesake with ferocity that they displayed on defense and leading the way to set the tone was their floor general, Christopher Dunlap. Leading the Big East in steals, Dunlap proved time and time again over three years that he was always up to the task of defending whoever he assigned to. He has quick first step that helps get into the lane where he has developed a nice floater or he is kicking it out to his teammates as defenses collapse on him putting him conference leaders in APG. He shoots a few too many three point shots given his percentages from that area over the years, so shot selection is definitely something that he is going to want to work on the next level.


James Wilder, 6’8”, SG/SF, 20, South Carolina
The Gamecocks found themselves making a deep tournament run in each of the past two years, culminating in their Final Four appearance last season. This was of course possible because of their top tier defense led by James Wilder who was a terror on the wing for the rest of the SEC. Leading the conference in steals he would give it his all each game to try and lockdown his man. Going the other way he was proven to be a clutch scorer from all over the floor though he might not ever be a team’s number one option, however he does make up for this by being a very capable secondary ball handler. Size at the two would have you assume that he’d be at an advantage, but he has only shown to be average on the boards at this point.

Dylan Montini 6'6, SG/SF, 18, Kansas
Montini is a machine...in terms of scoring. Scores efficiently from anywhere in the area code and gets to the line a lot. 90% foul shooter in college means he makes them too. Defense is pretty average for a Big 12 player...gets some steals, but gets beat to the rim a lot. Rebounds well against guards, which is a nice added benefit. A good player who can pass from the wing very well. Probably the most polished scorer in the class, but some questions on defense remain.

Trey Harvett 6'5, SF/SF, 21, Vanderbilt
This kid started from the bottom...now he's here. Former walk-on who made himself into a draftable player. Effort defender that can get after anybody on the wing and is a strong defensive playmaker. Steals, Blocks, deflections...this kid can really get at it on the defensive end. Great rebounder for a guard as well. Offensive game is mostly behind the 3 point arc (he only shot 10 FT all season), but he can hit a couple 3s a game. Doesn't pass much, so at times will have his offense playing 4 on 5...not ideal, but for a guy you should be able to get late in R1, certainly a guy with value.

Martin Abbott 6'8, SF, 19, Gonzaga
This guy can fill it up...but he doesn't much care about the opponent lighting him up either. Scores at will with drives or jumpers...and gets fouled a lot. Goes hard to the offensive glass too...but that's where the positives end. Horrible, lazy defender who could care less about guarding his man. Almost no defensive playmaking because he flat out doesn't care to play defense. A guy who can score like him should be a first rounder...but this idiot may fall out of the draft completely because of his lack of effort on defense and on the defensive glass. When he is on the floor, the opposing offense has a power play. It's that bad.

Dean Driver 6'9, SG/SF/PF, 22, Oregon St.
Driver can be a force on either side of the ball. Athletic player who gets most of his points on drives to the rim. Good rebounder for a wing, but probably not a guy you want getting extended minutes at the 4 spot. Doesn't block a whole lot of shots, but still plays solid positional defense. Gets a few steals, most of which come from fronting post players because he is a great leaper. Jumper needs work, but he is athletic enough to get his points before he figures out the perimeter game. Thankfully, he doesn't shoot a whole lot from the outside. Most teams see him as a 3, but he can guard 2s and 4s in small doses. Middle of the first round seems to be a likely destination.

Parker Ali, 6’9”, PF/SF, 19, Illinois
Teams looking to add some scoring will be doing their homework on Parker Ali. Leading the Big Ten in scoring with the Fighting Illini, Ali displayed a wide variety of tools in getting the ball in the basket. He would have likely been a high end lottery pick out of high school before a devastating ACL tear caused him to miss most of his senior season. In his lone season in Illinois the athleticism that was once there wasn’t quite back, but this caused him to develop his post and outside game to compensate while also being more willing to defer to his teammates. Defensively speaking he is solid, but unspectacular and you might expect a steal here and there. Rebounding is solid at SF, but with his injury he has gravitated more towards PF where he needs to work on hitting the boards. Injury history might make some teams pause, the offensive talent is certainly there with the possibility of cracking the top ten.

Mathis Barnes, 23, SF/PF, UCLA
The Bruins have had a consistent run of success as of late due largely in part to four year players such as Mathis Barnes. A bit of a tweener who will might have some issues with being an effective rebounder at PF, but he’s still able to be a serviceable defender at both forward positions. Outside shot is there, but he’s never going to shoot out the lights. Very much a cog in the machine, do his role type of player which you can never have enough of. You have to wonder if he’ll be worth that given his tendency to draw more attention than you would like off of the court.

Buzz Mumford, 6’6”, SF/SG, 20, Southern California
Another product from the West Coast, Buzz Mumford joined the Trojans with high expectations as the former #1 high school recruit out of California, but his two years with the program were a mix bag of results. While he has shown a capability for scoring off of posting up his man he has almost shown a dependency to this part of his game which makes you wonder if he is just taking advantage of smaller competition which could be trouble for him against a new level of competition in the KVBL. Small sample size of three point shooting holds some promise, but you have to question whether it will ever be a consistent aspect to his game. He has the frame to be an effective rebounder and defender, but he seems rather uninterested in becoming either one of those things.


Nathon Marek, 7’1”, PF/C, 18, Champlin Park (Champlin, MN)
Coming from the suburbs of Minneapolis is one of the more interesting high school prospects in a while that has some old time locals recalling memories of Kevin Garnett. Now to be clear Marek is nowhere near as polished as Garnett was when he entered the league given Marek’s limited experience in that he only has been playing the sport for two years. However in those two years scouts have seen flashes of a special player. While his post-game is a work in progress with him relying mainly on his athleticism right now, his balls skills and outside game on the other hand are something to behold. Along with his elite three point shooting he has shown to be capable shot blocker and an above average rebounder who could conceivably get better if he adds some weight to throw around on the inside. The biggest thing holding him back is experience, but with a reputation of being a bit of a gym rat he could prove himself the prize in the lottery for a team that is patient as he learns.

Steve Hamer 7'1, C, 20, St. Bonaventure
Hamer is your traditional big man, in every way. Good rebounder and shotblocker with solid post positioning. Doesn't score a ton (12.0 a game at St. B), but is efficient when he does shoot. Awful FT shooter and not fast afoot, but at his size he doesn't have to be a sprinter. Doesn't leave the blocks much on D, so a stretch big can give him trouble away from the basket. Doesn't shoot 3s either, but his game is from 5 feet and in. Late first rounder, but could sneak into the middle of the first round because of high floor.

JaShawn Monroe 6'10, PF/SF, 19, Georgetown
Monroe can score from anywhere. Good perimeter shot for a big man, and a solid finisher at the rim that gets to the line a lot. Post defense needs work since he plays a lot on the wing. Blocks some shots, but not a game-changer on defense at all. Very nice secondary passer...maybe the best passing big man out there. Should get steals, but plays too far off of most ballhandlers because of average first step quickness. Probably a mid-first round selection in most drafts because of offensive upside...but risky because of lack of attention to detail.

Brayden Carter 7' C/PF, 20, Florida
Gifted, Gifted, Gifted...one of the best players in the SEC, and getting better by the day. As a freshman, he played 6 minutes a night...as a junior, he was logging 35+. Complete weapon on offense with multi-dimensional skills, including a very good 3 point shot. Rebounds at SEC record levels, and is a solid, if not spectacular, shot blocker. High-motor guy makes his defense even better (he even averaged 1.5 steals a game). FTs are a strength (getting to the line), but he needs to shoot better than 60% with that volume. One of the most complete bigs the league has seen in awhile, and he won't have to wait long to hear his name called in the draft.

Ceasar Augustus 6'9, PF, 18, Minnesota
The Big 10's dirtiest player can get after it defensively...when he feels like it. A certified locker room cancer that has a limited offensive game, he is the kind of player teams love or hate (but mostly hate). In one year in the Big 10, his highly physical game saw him block a lot of shots and get T'd up a lot. Shotblocking and rebounding are strengthts...but any offense you get from him is a huge bonus. Athletic enough to succeed, but not the type of player most teams want. Will be lucky to hear his name called at all, but could be a defensive big for somebody.

C/PF Marques Stringer 6'10 220 19, UCLA
Very diverse game, but he's still young and improving all of it. Has solid shooting form and gets his shot off quickly, but may need to improve shot selection against the more athletic bigs in KVBL. Hard worker with defensive upside. Doesn't get to the line a whole lot (a lot of jump shots), but is a good foul shooter when he gets there. Rebounds well on the defensive glass, but his tendency to float limits his value on the offensive boards. His best skill on defense is post positioning...it gets him some blocks but he could get more as he gets stronger. Will probably go late lottery to late first round, but a big upside play.

Allen Johns, 7’0”, PF/C, 20, North Carolina State
The Wolfpack were one of the premier shot blocking teams last season with Allen Johns leading the way. Using his incredible wingspan and well-timed jumps he had opposing players looking over their shoulders as he was notorious for his help defense. However, he is rail thin which limits his impact on the defensive glass, but he is able to help offset this with timely put backs on the other end of the floor. Other than put backs and dunks he has a solid baby hook in the post, but otherwise he is somewhat limited for moves which will be something that he needs to work on at the next level.

Keith Monroe, 6’11”, PF/C, 20, Gonzaga
Setting the tone for the Zags the past few seasons has been bruising big man Keith Monroe. An All WCC first team selection, Monroe frequently used his stature to bully rival big men into many efficient nights in the post. While some teams have sought to double team him to counter his bruising nature he has become quite adept at finding the open man to make them pay. Not the most athletically gifted player on the perimeter, but moves his feet well enough to get good position down on the block which leaves in good position to clean glass especially on the offensive end with tip ins. Not much for blocking shots, but has the uncanny ability to poke the ball loose. One has to question on how his style will translate to higher level of competition, but at worse case you could see him being a third big for playoff team down the line.

Mason Spencer, 7’0”, PF/C, 21, Ohio State
While the Buckeyes’ season was rather disappointing ending with a first round exit in the NIT, but All Big Ten second team Mason Spencer gave fans plenty of memories over the season. Spencer loves the long ball with that being the dominating part to his offensive game, loving it sometimes to a fault. When he is on he can be lights out, but prone to being streaky he has tendency to shoot his team out of games at times. His rebounding is relatively average and while he can rack up some blocks, he is typically chasing blocks and putting himself out of position. He has the size to be a capable defender in the post on the next level, but he needs to really buckle down on his fundamentals if he wants to truly make an impact.

Paul Weasley, 6’10”, PF, 20, Maryland
The Terrapins fell victim to a first round upset in the tournament this year, but up until that point they were one of potent offenses in the country starring gunner Paul Weasley who was capable of lighting it up from any spot on the floor. He had knack for cleaning the glass, but not necessarily due to good fundamentals and more so due to size as well as lower level of competition. There are plenty of questions on his motor and whether he has the drive to bring his rebounding up to another level. As for his defense he needs a lot of work to become anything more than an average defender. The Terps were knocked out of the first round for a reason after all.

KVBL Champions: 2032, 2033, 2040, 2047, 2060, 2061, 2063, 2064, 2065

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Re: 2071 KVBL Draft Preview

More to come...

KVBL Champions: 2032, 2033, 2040, 2047, 2060, 2061, 2063, 2064, 2065

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Re: 2071 KVBL Draft Preview

which ones of you expected there be grades because I posted here? lolz
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Re: 2071 KVBL Draft Preview

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