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Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

Lexington trades: Avery Sandow, Omar Andrews
Lexington receives: DeLeeroy Jenkins, Linas Mulroney, 2029 first round pick, Lakers 2029 first round pick, 2031 first round pick

Phoenix trades: DeLeeroy Jenkins, Linas Mulroney, 2029 first round pick, Lakers 2029 first round pick, 2031 first round pick
Phoenix receives: Avery Sandow, Omar Andrews

Deal is official.
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Re: Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

Like it for both teams. Nice haul for Timmy. He gets a PG of the future and a projected top five lotto pick in the Lakers pick. Zei gets a very Zei-like player in Sandow with a side of Omar Andrews.

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Re: Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

Dre Byers is the gift that keeps on giving.
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Re: Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

I think overall this helps me make a leap forward from being a middle-of-the-pack team in the west, even if it's not a huge leap. The defensive upgrade and scoring efficiency is just terribly necessary at this point.

Only thing I'm worried about is that no DeLeeroy drops the scoring efficiency of Spaceman and Grice, but it seems (from the rookie games and whatnot) like they just legitimately play above their ratings. Hopefully.
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Re: Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

Sandow is such a better fit next to Rhett. Suns are pretty set up for now and the future.
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Re: Trade: Lexington and Phoenix

I don't know why people put things in their trade blocks about a player being totally untouchable, don't even think about thinking about asking for them. Boom, that player is traded a week later. /rant

I like this for both teams, I think Sandow is a special player but I don't know that Timmy was going to be the guy to build a championship team around him. Three firsts and Jenkins is a super solid haul to get in return, and I think Timmy will have better success with a more traditional PG. On the flipside Zei should be able to really put Sandow in a position to succeed, and I honestly think Sandow is my favorite PG in league right now.

Everybody seems to win, Timmy improves his chances to build a quality team and Zei consolidates assets to acquire a franchise cornerstone as well as an above average roleplayer to help him compete this year.
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