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Re: Game 31: Bulls @ Heat (1/4 8:00PM)

Hate to be the pessimist but this is starting to look like a lost year (and in the prime of LeBron's career and best season). Combination of stupid personnel decisions and a superstar who decided not to work on anything during the off-season.

Back-to-back plays in the fourth with about 5 mins to play, Wade got 1v1 breakaways and couldn't do anything with either. He just has no feel or touch these days.

Jeremy Tyler was in Portland for a pre-draft workout on Thursday and was asked about Blazers coach Nate McMillan. “Nate McMillan,” he said. “No … What college is that?”
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Re: Game 31: Bulls @ Heat (1/4 8:00PM)

Originally Posted by Jace View Post
Boozer will have one of his 4 good games of the season.
I would pound my chest and gloat about how often my predictions come true, but they're just too ****ing easy to be proud of. Not to mention painful.

Let's see if that sad sack of shit goes for 27 and 12 again the rest of the season. 12-17.

Originally Posted by rolex View Post
Bulls should leave the fast breaks to the fast break teams.
Someone should tell Boozer, if he could even spell "consistency",the Heat would have taken him,so stop hating and work on your game.
Actually, "defense." Glad we went with Bosh either way, but Boozer'd boards would've been helpful.

Originally Posted by Wade2Bosh View Post
Shane's turning into Bane Shattier with each passing game. Wonder if he's beginning to get worn down?

Wade was 5-6 in the 1st half. Then we never went back to him.

Need to find more rest for Lebron. 3 straight games over 40 minutes is too much.

Bosh finished with 5 rebounds tonight. He had 4 in each of the last 2 games. He's gotta snap out of this funk.

Norris needs to forget whatever it was that he changed about his J in the offseason. That shot is getting uglier by the game.
Was it just the shooting or was he looking Shatti in other ways? I figured he was due for a slump soon with his crazy hot streak. Just sucks when that's happening, because as great as his defensive contributions are, like Joel he doesn't provide rebounds. As far as wearing down, I sort of looked at Spo's move to have him come off the bench as, in part, a way to combat that. He's averaging 2.5 more mpg than last year, for what it's worth. I'm sure that number has been shrinking, though. If it's just his shooting, I'd just chalk it up to the inevitable slump, or maybe end-of-first-wind legs approaching.

Some beatwriter basically said it was Butler locking Wade up after that initial burst. Any truth?

Yeah, Bosh's rebounding needs to kick up. So strange when he occasionally has those 15+ board games, and then you see this so often. The TO's from him really bother me too. I didn't get to see it, but I was pissed reading about one down the stretch when the game was still in reach. No idea if it was truly his fault or not. 4 TOs tonight is unacceptable. His rebound to turnover ratio sucks. I knew he'd still have these occasional mult-game funks for where he forgets he's good, but they've been longer than I expected this season. I've missed most of the last few games, but it also seems like we haven't seen nearly as much of his mid-range magic lately as we did at the start of the season.

Amazing how quickly Norris' shooting hit the ground after preseason. It was like it was intentional. We all knew he wouldn't shoot nearly that well, but I don't think anyone thought it would regress to the point where, 31 games into the season, he's shooting worse than his awful-shooting rookie season. The fact that Norris' improvement hasn't been as steady and sustained as was foreseen, combined with Pittman's "development," makes me wonder if Riley should consider abandoning the "Seniors = Ready" philosophy that has almost become a mandate for his selections.
Originally Posted by Wade County View Post
Pitiful effort and hunger. Thats not a big man getting that one, thats a 6'6 SF getting inbetween Wade and James and dumping it to Boozer for a layup.

That purely effort based.
Damn. Just saw that play on the replay. Three Heat players watched the ball drop from the sky and didn't move toward it. I don't get it.
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I hate losing to the Bulls.

I couldn't even be bothered to log onto this site last night I was that angry. Never been this frustrated watching a team before.

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Re: Game 31: Bulls @ Heat (1/4 8:00PM)


“(Joel) Anthony killed us today by himself,” Garnett said after the Heat's 100-77 victory over Boston at AmericanAirlines Arena
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Re: Game 31: Bulls @ Heat (1/4 8:00PM)

Originally Posted by Smithian View Post

Joel is not the answer when it comes to rebounding.
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