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Re: Around the League

On the fan base ranking: We were standing around Beale St after the Elite 8 game, and a group of Florida fans walked by and started talking to us. After talking about the game a bit, they paid Dayton fans the highest possible compliment: "It felt like an SEC football road game in there". The area around Beale St and the arena was a sea of red, including a small park roughly 1/2 a block by 1/2 a block filled shoulder to shoulder. It was incredible.

There are only two A10 arenas that could fit Dayton's season ticket base, UD Arena and Chaifetz. And by tipoff on opening night, UD may have out sold Chaifetz.

Dayton fans, man. We are a disease. Symptoms include a red, vest shaped rash and an irrational sense that every black referee has it out for us.
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