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Re: Help grade / compare these players...

Originally Posted by Voyaging View Post
Like I said, Havlicek could be reasonably considered #2 .

Cousy is considered great because he was one of the great foundational players in the league.

Realistically, he was abysmally inefficient in an even weaker league than Wade, compared to the efficiency of today's players. He'd be a D-league player at best if he played today.

You're kidding right?

Cousy was one of the best passing pgs in history. Some of the top passers in the last 15-20 years studied Cousy and emulated many things he did.

Sure his fg% is crappy but the league as a whole shot quite a bit lower than what the NBA is like today. Sorry but saying he would be a "D-league player at best" is a completely moronic statement to make. Considering you have guys like Rondo and Rubio doing just fine in the league, Cousy would be just fine.
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