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Re: Dave Dombrowski New Red Sox President

Originally Posted by Mrs. Thang View Post
I don't think he's been nearly as good in Detroit in recent years as he's heen made out to be. His whole MO revolves around overpaying for free agents he wants, and then emptying the farm every year to supplement them at the trade deadline. It worked great for awhile, but their ability to do that every year revolved around their ability to get great talent late in the first round by going way over slot to sign the unsignable guys who would always fall. Since they changed the draft rules and he stopped being able to steal guys that way the farm has gone dry as he's otherwise drafted poorly.
Funny how every single analyst on ESPN says that... and fans parrot it... and yet the evidence shows that he's been able to, every step of the way, entice other GMs with his talent to get the guys he wants. It is really easy for you to use hindsight and say "well they had talent fall to them, and they were able to trade that talent to get the guys they wanted" when every single analyst at the time was saying they did NOT have the talent in the system to get the guys they wanted.

I don't give a damn what you or any analyst thinks, other baseball heads think the talent in Detroit's system is just fine. If they'd decided they needed to pick anything up this summer I guarantee Dombrowski would have been just fine finding what he needed.

Hindsight is always 20/20 - but every analyst has been saying the same thing about their cupboard being near dry since around 2008. When they traded Miller and Maybin people said their top heavy farm system was totally empty. And then they found a way to flip assets around and wind up with Scherzer. Wind up with Fister. Wind up with Cespedes. Wind up with Price. Their talent in the system has always been enough, and always in the face of claims that they have one of the worst systems in baseball.

Now if you want to hamstring Dombrowski.... implement a worldwide draft. Because the pieces that always seem to get him what he wants are high potential Latino guys that they signed young. He MORE THAN ameliorates his draft woes with his signings out of the vast baseball plantation that is every-country-south-of-the-USA.
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