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Re: Draft Day Trade: Butler moves to TWolves

Originally Posted by Fergus View Post
I would suggest that the recent "huge" trades of Chris Paul to Houston and Paul George to Oklahoma will have a lot of GMs around the league scrambling to find players to bring to their teams. Dwayne Wade may have a lot of value in that market. He is an expiring contract, a proven leader, a big name (even now) and someone who can still contribute to a winning team. In my opinion a lot of other players, owners and fans will be pushing their teams management to make this kind of move.

The question is how well Paxon and Gar can leverage this. I would have liked to received more for Butler and definitely think the Bulls got fleeced for Gibson and McDermott. I have seen no evidence that there is any real skill in the Bulls front office at negotiating with other teams.

Last note. The Bulls are reported to have released Rondo. I suspect no one is really surprised about this. However, this also may add into the Bulls leverage to move Wade. Wade will want to leave even more, either via a buy out or a trade.
Eh, I don't know that Wade's really useful in a "keeping up in the arms race" kind of way that's going to net you anything significant - he's a name and a face to put on billboards, but he's primarily valuable as a huge expiring contract with no no-trade clause to complicate things. Obviously I pointed out the Lakers above, but Phoenix also has three large contracts in Knight, Chandler, and Dudley they may want to get out of and has picks to spare as well as some youth (although I'm not sure how much Chicago would really want Bender or Ulis with Lauri and Dunn in-house, and I can't see Phoenix moving off of Criss or Jackson to rid themselves of those deals).
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