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Sonics DC

Starting 5:

Jake Jensen (1st PG) (38/drive/drive/-2/1/2)
Marco Ferrer (1st SG, 3rd SF) (38/post/outside/1/-2/-1)
Vladimir Machowski (1st SF, 2nd SG) (38/outside/outside/-2/-1/-2)
Kris Kevins (1st PF, ok SF) (36/drive/auto/-1/-1/-2)
Leonard White (1st C) (38/post/post/2/-1/1)


Vincent Lambrecht (2nd PG) (10/drive/drive/-2/0/2)
Ivan Rodrigo (2nd SF) (10/outside/outside/0/2/-2)
Draymond Reed (2nd PF, ok C) (12/drive/auto/-1/-1/1)
Erick Naginaw (2nd C) (10/post/post/2/1/-2)

rest inactive

2048 KVBL Champions: Orlando Magic (Omer)
Lineup - PG Periklis Sigounas | SG Ray Wagner | SF Jacob Emery | PF Castor Troy | C Gabriel Fortuna | 6th man SF Jose Ramon Marquez
Finals MVP: Ray Wagner

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