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Re: 2018-2019 Saint Joseph's Hawks

Originally Posted by BrownIndians85 View Post
Two ways to look at it - Phil is well-respected in college basketball. You make that departure as un-messy as possible by handling it internally and Phil steps down on his own. You can't unceremoniously dump Phil or the powers that be see that in a bad light.

Or, if Phil chooses to make it messy, you fire him, and it's a signal to up and coming coaches that this school just let go the Dean, they expect success, they're going to give me what I want to put a quality basketball product on the court, they don't have football, I want to interview for the SJU job.

Since I would imagine SJU is not going to be a destination for an established coach, I think firing Phil works out OK. For his sake, I hope he reads the writing and steps down.
I think this is pretty much on the money.

Originally Posted by AlienAiden View Post
I think that is the rub. Phil does not seem like he wants to step down. The best case scenario is if they are going to make a change would be to have him announce his retirement. Temple kind of ran into this with Dumphy. He is leaving this year but I do not think he wants to leave.
And I totally understand not wanting to leave. But it is time...

I want Phil to have the rest of the reason for a proper send off. I don't think that will happen, though.
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