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Re: 2037 KVBL Free Agency (Round 1: Restricted Free Agents - Bids due Tuesday @ Noon)

Top threes:

Lucius Patton - Heat, Bulls, Thunder
Cortez Hastings - Thunder, Lakers, Bulls
Keon Sanders - Clippers, SuperSonics, Jazz
Brian Davis - Celtics, Lakers, Nuggets
Brad Towery - Knicks, Lions, Heat
Rakim Collins - Lions, Thunder, Celtics
Dan Turner - Knicks, Bucks, Celtics
John Simonelli - Knicks, Heat, Celtics
Kamal Zakipour - Knicks, Celtics, Bucks
Rolex Sharp - Lions, Thunder, Cavaliers
CJ Barry - Lions, Thunder, Blazers
Mason Morrissey - Celtics, Lakers, Lions
George Durning - Thunder, 76ers, Lakers
John Little - Bulls, Lions, Thunder
Leslie Lozon - Celtics, Knicks, Lions
Victor Cross - Lakers, Bulls, Thunder
Ryan Graves - Thunder, Bulls, Suns
Ellis Redding - Celtics, Lakers, Pacers
Tim York - Clippers, SuperSonics, Kings
Ben Shelter - 76ers, Thunder, Heat
Griffin Marshall - Knicks, Heat, Bucks
Maxwell Omni - Thunder, Heat, Bulls
Eliot Bartlett - Clippers, SuperSonics, Raptors
Otavio Ferraz - Thunder, Bulls, Lions
Alan Tipton - SuperSonics, Clippers, Raptors
Antoine McCants - Knicks, Rockets, Lions
Josephus Clark - Knicks, Bucks, Heat
Ivans Ikstens - Lions, Thunder, Cavaliers
Deniss Gabovs - Heat, Lions, 76ers
Cicero Murphy - Lions, Celtics, Thunder
Kumar Chandrasekaran - Clippers, SuperSonics, Jazz
Max Dillon - Clippers, SuperSonics, Kings
Jamie Mitchell - SuperSonics, Clippers, Bulls
Dino Baresi - Heat, Celtics, Knicks
Daishon Dantzler - Knicks, Heat, Lions
Jack Pferdmann - Lions, Bulls, 76ers
Matt Dinz - Lions, Thunder, Celtics
Artur Dias - Clippers, SuperSonics, Raptors
David Baskauskas - Thunder, 76ers, Bulls
Weibei Bu - Celtics, Lakers, Nuggets
Steve Marks - Celtics, Pacers, Lakers
Tim LaPak - Knicks, Bucks, Celtics
Ahmet Kocabey - Celtics, Nuggets, Pacers
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