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M's pick # 5

Today is the first day of the MLB first year player draft, and the Mariners have the fifth overall pick. Most mock drafts have the M's taking Cal pitcher Brandon Morrow, who most agree has the best arm in the draft. Unfortunatly 'best arm' does not translate into 'best stuff'. Although Morrow posses a good, albeit straight, fastball and a developing breaking ball, he has not put up the dominating pitching numbers one would expect. Scouts say alot of this is due to his exposing the ball early in his wind up, allowing hitters a longer window to follow the ball on it's path to the plate. I'm not sure if this is something that can be corrected without throwing his wind up completely out of whack, but it is definetly an area of concern.

Of greater concern is that top prospect Andrew Miller, a left handed pitcher from the University of North Carolina is plummeting down draft boards as the news gets out that he is seeking a signing bonus in the 8 million dollar range. Rumors are creeping in that these demands are an effort to guide Miller down in the draft so that he lands at the 13th pick with the Cubs.

I'm going to be pretty ticked if the Mariners let him slide by, as the hard throwing lefty would be a great fit in Safeco Field. It's not like the M's can't afford the signing bonus either, as they are a big market club, and annually are among the league leaders in profits. A one - two punch in two years of Felix and Miller would be something to see.
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