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Re: Outbound Transfers Catch-All Thread

Originally Posted by Will View Post
I'm sure you know that transfers are required to sit out a season before they're eligible to play.
Originally Posted by charliemike View Post
Except at Binghamton
Yeah, I'm aware of the rule. Didn't remember when his transfer took place. Hard to keep track, what with all the comings and goings, especially when it's a guy who hasn't played.

Figured it was eligibility, though, for transfer reasons or otherwise.

So a question, since I don't know how this portion of the rule works: Since Woods hasn't played at Binghamton yet and sat out all year last year, if he does transfer again during this offseason, does he have to sit out another year? Given the situation, I assume it wouldn't be all that hard for him to get a waiver, but I'm not sure whether he would need one or not.
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