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Re: Hello Net Fans, if there are actually

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
I don't know a lot of the players in the rankings so I don't really have anything to add.

Hell, no reason to feel bad about that.

Just makes me wonder how the NAS team has the, shall we say 'nerve', to rate players that THEY have never seen play, some of them that have been impact players, All-Stars, and Title winners.

As I see you are not willing to judge what you can't, makes me angrier at the NAS team that they are so willing to rate players that they have no way of judging.

But I guess because they have a website, they should be taken seriously, and when I challenge some of their idiotic notions, I should be banned for having dared question their decisions on players I followed as a Net fan before they were born, and they never saw actully play as a Net.

Life, and one's 'observations' of it, are some intriguingly strange things, on SO MANY levels.
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