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Re: How Would You Fix the Jazz?

How do you feel about the job Tyrone Corbin has done so far?

Corbin did well, that team really didn't have much business being a playoff team this year, but with no draft pick there was no reason to tank, and I feel they overachieved a bit. His job should be safe.

Who would you consider the Jazz core players at this time?

The bigs and Hayward. Everyone else is filler.

Would you consider sacrificing the great financial position you are in by moving your expiring contracts for longterm deals this offseason?

Only if it makes the team significantly better. If you can get yourself actual starters at point guard and small forward then the team should make a big leap next year. What makes building a trade really easy is that Jefferson and Milsap both play at a high level, so it isn't like you're dealing with dead-weight expirings, both those guys could be the third or fourth guy on a title team.

Do you think Enes Kanter/Derrick Favors can be a viable starting frontcourt on a contender?

Favors can be an athletic shot blocker/defender on a good squad, although he needs to improve his offensive game, obviously. It's way too early to tell with Kanter. He underwhelmed last season, but he didn't play at Kentucky and had no summer league/training camp to figure things out, so next year will be telling with him.

Where do you stand on Gordon Hayward as a starting wing player in this league? Alec Burks?

Hayward played well last year. He can shoot, has good length, and plays a little defense. He shouldn't be your best wing player, but he can definitely be a starter. Burks didn't show a ton last year, but he's only twenty and, again, last year was a tough one to be a rookie. There's a chance he could wind up solid, but I wouldn't go forward planning on him being a starter.
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