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  1. Adding Tyson Chandler
  2. Hey we won finally
  3. Better off the bench: Melo or Beasley?
  4. Bye Luol
  5. And Lebron doesnt respond...
  7. Spacing Issues?
  8. LeBron Joins Lakers!
  10. Revisited Grade: Clarkson trade, Russell trade, Draft Ball
  11. Lakers need to trade Ingram, Ball and Kuzma for .......
  12. Who do you like to pick, DiVincenzo, Spellman , Brunson?
  13. Lakers Draft Thread
  14. Would you offer Capela 2 year deal with team option assume that there is no Big Fish coming.
  15. Clarkson/Nance traded for Isaiah, Frye, CLE 1st
  16. Highlights of Kyle Kuzma beastin it
  17. Lakers: Mid season discussion
  18. So I'm meeting the entire NBA TNT crew in April...questions I should ask/ stuff signed?
  19. link: Ingram and KCP for DeMarcus Cousins.
  20. How about this, Lakers dump Randle/Clarkson 42 million contract for Noel/Harris 8 million contract?
  21. Jordan Bell 20, 10, +22, Brandon Ingram 12, 3, -9
  22. Rank Chance to sign 1 superstar. Lakers are unlikely to make the playoffs 2018-19 season.
  23. Warriors 3 starters and Livingston will not play against Lakers.
  24. Would you trade Deng's 54 million contract for Mirotic's 12.5 million contract? Bulls are willing to take bad contract.
  25. Rockets cap expert link: How to use salary cap to sign LeBron in 2018.
  26. the last two losses sucked
  27. Derrick Favors and Iso Joe have 23 million expiring Contracts. Do you like it?
  28. Lakers should give Deng an extension. I’m absolutely serious.
  29. I'd trade Deng/Randle/Kuzma to Suns for ......
  30. What if Cavs are a lottory team? It means "LeBum to Lakers?? C Paul and D Jordan has 39 million cap hole each.
  31. Game 4: Wizards @ Lakers- All you need to know...
  32. Game 3: Pelicans @ Lakers
  33. Game 2: Lakers @ Suns
  34. Game 1 Thread: Clippers (0-0) @ Lakers (0-0)
  35. Kyle Kuzma
  37. The biggest scary thing is that ............
  38. Lakers add sponsor patch. WISH they hadnt!
  39. D. Fish....on Dancing with the Stars
  40. The Official Lonzo, & Ball Family Shenanigans Thread
  41. Lakers Sign Bogut
  42. My perfectly framed selfie with Ingram at the Rams game
  43. Ideas: Julius Randle, Luol Deng, Jordan Clarkson
  44. Lakers tampering with George and LeBron? Result will be .....
  45. link: Three possible salary dump trades for the Lakers
  46. Bought knockoff jersey's from China for $22 each...
  47. link: Westbrook and George both jump to the Lakers next summer to join LeBron James and create a super team
  48. If BS were a head coach, Lakers starters would be ......
  49. GOAT
  50. ESPN: Who is a better team Clippers or Lakers?
  51. Jeanie Buss is Lakers' Wonder Woman
  52. Knicks considering sign-and-trade Derrick Rose in the Melo package to Cavs?
  53. the Lakers actually received good value in DLo trade?
  54. Lakernation: Irving Tired Of Playing Next To LeBron
  55. Is Lebron Coming to the Lakers in 2018
  56. Randle at the Drew League
  57. History of Lakers versus Warriors
  58. Luc Mbah a Moute Signed 1 yr minimum with Rockets. Why didn't Clippers or Lakers offer a bit more?
  59. What are the chances that James could actually leave Cleveland again and go to Lakers?
  60. Summer League 2017
  61. Breaking Rumor: Nick Young to Warriors
  62. Lakers and Clippers GM look like fools in this game.
  63. 2017 Free Agency
  64. Chris Paul trade to Houston could "murder" the Lakers. Read the entire link.
  65. #Celtics deal for George with 3-yr extension in place?
  66. Link: Paul George had already called Klay Thompson and LeBron James to see ........
  67. I am 100% sure that Paul George will be traded in summer, not to Lakers!
  68. Lakers good news: Pacers Reject Cavs, Nuggets Pitch Involving George
  69. If this man Magic is true magic ...... Key questions to Laker fans this week.
  70. Lonzo Ball
  71. 5 worst 2016 Contracts in the entire nba excluding damage goods
  72. Lakersnation: Blake Griffin wants no part of CP3 and grown increasingly frustrated w/organization
  73. Would you trade Deng/Randle/Nance for Expiring Wade?
  74. Lakers draft Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and Thomas Bryant
  75. Breaking News: Celtics have traded Jayson Tatum, Avery Bradley & Jae Crowder to the Pacers for Paul George. (Nope)
  76. Breaking: Paul George to land in Boston?
  77. 2017-18 Cap is $99M. Lakers have 6M cap space and Clippers have 18M cap space before signing Paul and Griffin.
  78. The Biggest Surprise Ever Trade in Sports History. Would you take the trades?
  79. Rumor link: Clippers get Paul George, Suns get Andre Drummond, Pick 12; Pistons get DeAndre Jordan
  80. Kings rejected Lakers offer and Suns turn down Clippers offer Jordan.
  81. Breaking News: D'Angelo Russell traded to Nets. Deal done!
  82. NBC: Clippers would like to get in Paul George conversation
  83. Paul George Informs Pacers He Will Leave in 2018, Wants To Join Lakers
  84. If Josh Jackson plays like a younger Andre iguodala or Andrew Wiggins, we can give you Klay Thompson in 2019.
  85. Lakers talking about trading the No. 2 pick : Blockbuster trade proposal
  86. Salary projection to sign LeBron and 2 other superstars in 2018-19 for Lakers or Clippers
  87. Source: the Lakers would pass on Lonzo Ball. Team isn't convinced he's a star.
  88. Knicks inquire for Ricky Rubio and Maurice Harkless. Do you like them? Draft Tatum or Jackson.
  89. Steve Balmer: We've been kicking the Lakers' ass the last several years.
  90. Pre-Draft Rumor Mill thread
  91. Trade Idea: Melo for 12th pick and 300-pounds player
  92. Trade down: Would you take this trade?
  93. Link: Clippers could steal Paul George from Lakers, trade possibility
  94. BS Analysis: 4 reasons Lonzo Ball is a bust.
  95. Rumor link: Chris Bosh to Lakers, move Russell, Randle, Mozgov, Deng
  96. Charles Oakley says Carmelo Anthony should stay far away from the Lakers!
  97. Reasons: Lakers need to break up young core and Clippers need to break up big 3.
  98. Pacers don't want to lose Paul George for nothing. Pacers call these teams
  99. 2 links: How do Lakes spend $23 Million Dollars in July?
  100. Josh Jackson?
  101. Trade Dlo?
  102. 2nd pick!!
  103. Idea: Klay Thompson to Clippers. Lakers get
  104. Jack Nicholson Finger?
  105. Lowry and Melo, Lakers targeting 3 young players
  106. May 16 Lotto Cheer or Fear: pick will belong to the 76ers if (small if)
  107. Mike Brown vs Mike D'Antoni conference final
  108. Sports Illustrated: Nobody will miss the Clippers. Even the Clippers won't miss the Clippers.
  109. Link: 3 Future Destinations For Chris Paul
  110. Pringles and Mr. Potato Head are in the playoffs...
  111. 76ers look like a ghost. Griffin Trade Proposal
  112. Magic changes team culture
  113. Former Warrior talks defending Kobe
  114. 76ers to land Lakers 2017 first round draft pick?
  115. Chris Bosh
  116. Is Nwamba a keeper?
  117. Lonzo Ball....and his dad
  118. Who will you root for in the playoffs?
  119. Jim and Johnny Buss try to oust Jeanie. Coup attempt fails miserably.
  120. Mitch/Jim Buss Canned; Magic Johnson named President of Basketball Operations
  121. Trade Deadline thread
  122. Magic Johnson returns to Lakers in advisory role.
  123. Stealth Tank or nah??
  124. Lakers workout Donatas Motiejunas
  125. Phil and Jeanie Call off Engagement
  126. Because I'm bored and this place is dead
  127. Is Walton the right coach for this team?
  128. Back on Track
  129. Lakers vs Chicago Bullshit
  130. Game 19: Lakers vs Pelicans
  131. Coaching DOES matter?
  132. HAHA....Dwight challenges Lakers fan to fight
  133. Best 24 years old and under duos in the league?
  134. Halftime: Warriors 80, Lakers 49 -- nba record 107 points
  135. Game 15: Lakers vs Thunder
  136. Game 14: Lakers (7-6) vs Bulls (8-5)
  137. Russell's Knee: Thing or Not a Thing?
  138. Game 13: Lakers (7-5) vs Spurs (9-3)
  139. 2016-2017 Player Thread
  140. Players: biggest surprises / disappointments so far...
  141. game 12 Lakers v Nets
  142. Game 11: Lakers @ Timberwolves
  143. Game 10: Lakers @ Pelicans
  144. Game 9.75: Kings/Lakers
  145. Its a beautiful day to be a Californian
  146. Game 8: Lakers vs Mavericks
  147. Former Laker Petur Gudmundsson on his time in the league
  148. Game 7: Lakers (3-3) vs Suns (2-4)
  149. Game 6: Lakers (2-3) vs. Warrirors (4-1)
  150. Game 4: Lakers vs. Hawks
  151. Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers (1-1) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (2-0)
  152. Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers (1-0) @ Utah Jazz (0-1)
  153. Game 1: Los Angeles lakers (0-0) vs. Houston Rockets (0-0)
  154. Power Rankings, Shmower Rankings....
  155. Roster Cuts
  156. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Nick Young
  157. Clarkson, Williams and Toung....
  158. Is Russell ready to take the NBA by storm?
  159. My favourite Laker player as of right now: Zubac!
  160. Pre-Season Game 3: Nuggets vs Lakers
  161. Pre-Season Game ONE!!! LAL vs SAC
  162. Lakers Media Day
  163. We are almost there guys...
  164. Phil Jackson recalls proposed trade to deal young Kobe for Grant Hill
  165. Lakers Nation
  166. Brandon Ingram's weight? Not a problem for the Lakers
  167. This will be a really exciting season! :)
  168. ESPN forecast: Lakers are the worst team in the west.
  169. 2016 Ex-Laker Thread!
  170. 2016 Hate Thread!
  171. The inside story: How the Magic let the Lakers steal Shaquille O'Neal
  172. The HUGE improvement at the C position
  173. Hmmm.... Logjam at PF?
  174. Sue me! I don't want Westbrook! (article)
  175. Where is the Nick Young love?
  176. AS OF RIGHT NOW, who do you prefer starting?
  177. Lakers acquire Jose Calderon and two future 2nd round picks in exchange for Ater Majok (58th pick in 2011)
  178. Experts: Westbrook and Steven Adams to Lakers
  179. 2016 Summer League: Los Angeles Lakers
  180. Luol Deng signs with the Lakers for 4 years/$72 million
  181. Marco Nuñez is the Lakers' new athletic trainer
  182. Mozgov to the Lakers for 4-years/$64 million
  183. Free Agency Thread
  184. So, wich way are the Lakers going?
  185. Lakers remove Magic Johnson's ceremonial vice president title
  186. The 32nd pick in the draft
  187. good article on Luke
  188. Shaquille O'Neal - "Shaq". Funiest and highlight.
  189. Link: Jazz hopes Lakers get lottery screwed
  190. Who do you truly want: Simmons or Ingram
  191. Can the Lakers Tank Their Way Into Keeping the 1st Round Pick Going to Orlando?
  192. Julius and D'Angelo Invited to USA Select Team
  193. May 17th 2016
  194. Lakers to hire Luke Walton
  195. Does Mitch Survive Next Season?
  197. Interesting (yet depressing) podcast about the Lakers' situation
  198. The never-ending story: Who is the Authentic Kobe?
  199. Mamba Out: Kobe Bryant Isn't Going Anywhere
  200. I may take a break from Lakers basketball....
  201. Staples Center sells $1.2 million worth of Kobe Bryant merchandise
  202. Lakers 2016 Offseason Thread
  203. Exit Interviews (Live)
  204. Thank You
  206. Draft Lottery thread
  207. This is officially the Worst Laker Team Of All Time... :(
  208. Swaggy-P has left the Building
  209. Does Byron Scott deserve another season?
  210. Ckarkson and Young being investigated for sexual harassment
  211. Tankathon playoff game #2: Phoenix @ Lakers
  212. Robert Upshaw has been terminated by D-League for drug violation
  213. Game 66: Cleveland Cavaliers (45-18) @ Los Angeles Lakers (14-51)
  214. LAL vs Magic: sign of times to come?
  215. D'Angelo Russell is finally overcoming his own head coach (article)
  216. The injury bug has hit
  217. Tankathon Playoff Game: BKN @ LAL
  218. Whatever happened to Swaggy P?
  219. They have to get rid of Byron
  220. Shaq Statue
  221. This MUST be a Tank! F!
  222. "Bitch better have my Money!"- Kobe
  223. Lakers @ Blazers
  224. Trade deadline thread
  225. Mid-Season Report Card
  226. Lakers @ Warriors
  227. 17 Year Old KOBE BRYANT Between the legs dunk in game!
  228. The Rookie Wall
  229. OKC @ Lakers
  230. "Dont Listen to Byron Scott"- Stephen Jackson
  231. An aspect in the Lakers rebuild that has been neglected
  232. Tonight's game will be the most enjoyable win of the year?
  233. Retire both #8 and #24 for Kobe Bryant?
  234. Byron Scott cites 'immaturity' as Julius Randle upset at being taken out
  235. Happy Birthday Larry Nance Jr
  236. PHI @ LAL: A Stoppable Force meets a Movable Object
  237. Lakers @ Celtics
  238. Kobe, you're amazing, when are you retiring
  239. Lakers @ Grizzlies
  240. Christmas Day: Clippers @ Lakers
  241. OKC @ LAL
  242. Lakers @ Nuggets
  243. D-Lo for first team all rookie
  244. LAL @ OKC
  245. Rockets @ Lakers
  246. The best in the history of Mankind: Bucks vs Lakers
  247. Lakers assign Black, Brown, and Kelly to D-Fenders
  248. LAL @ HOUSTON
  249. D'angelo Russell is starting to develop!
  250. LAL @ SAS

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