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That's a very good question, Songcycle. Though I question Krause's motives in drafting Fizer, he probably was the best player available, and he has made contributions. Going into that draft, I thought we would end up with Chris Mihm at #4 and Courtney Alexander at #7. While Alexander may yet develop into a solid player, I'm happy that we ended up with Crawford. As for Mihm vs. Fizer... I change my mind every week about who I'd rather have. Fizer certainly is a better player, and will probably always be a better player. But I think Mihm might be a better player for us to have. Fizer didn't contribute much and didn't get much quality PT his rookie year, playing behind the rock known as Elton Brand. He did get a lot of quality time this year, and showed as much potential as any of the top picks from 2000. It was pretty clear by the end of the season that he was second fiddle to Chandler, and it's practically two straight years now that we're trying to trade him. His name makes its way into a new trade rumor every week. Meanwhile, our biggest need right now is backup center. Chris Mihm would serve that role.

All that said, it's hard to whine and complain about not drafting a career backup with the #4 pick in the draft. Songcycle, you're right on in calling that a weak draft. If I could do it all over again, I'd have to go back to February, 2000. We traded Toni Kukoc in a 3-way deal, and got back Washington's top 5 protected pick that year, via Golden State. I say we should've delayed the gratification, and taken a 2001 or 2002 pick from Golden State. If you're a GM, you should know by February if a draft is going to be weak. I guess that's my hindsight kicking in, though...

Let it be known that I am not a Krause basher. I think he's made some very intelligent moves, despite being a bit of a nut, with poor interpersonal skills and a serious inferiority complex. Though I still hate to see Elton Brand go, Krause will be the winner in that trade if Chandler becomes as good as we all think he can. The Rose trade was brilliant, especially with the unexpected jettison of Ron Mercer, and Eddy Curry could blossom into the best young center in the game in a few years. His physical tools are that good. I like Krause's attitude of trying to build a championship team, not a competitive team, and his recognition of that fact that you sometimes have to step backward to accomplish that goal.
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