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Originally posted by NCBullsFan
A fantasy scenario would be the following.

(1) Pick JWill.
(2) Trade JWill, ERob, Fizer, and Hoiberg for B Davis, Lynch, and PJ Brown. (I'd throw in a future protected #1 if it was needed and be prepared to give the Hornets $3M as a sweetener.)
(3) Trade Crawford for Wizard's #11 pick. (I'd throw in the #44 pick if it was needed.)
(4) Pick J Jeffries, Niko, Woods, Nachbar, someone who has dropped, or maybe Stoudemire.
(5) Pick Logan or Dickau (or maybe Boozer) with #31 pick.
(6) Sign Michael Redd. (We could renounce Best and have more than the mid-level exception to offer Redd.)
(7) Sign veteran center to veteran's minimum (Garrett, Williams, etc.)

C: Curry, Williams, Bagaric
PF: Chandler, PJ Brown, #44 pick (DeAngelo Collins)??
SF: Rose, Niko, Lynch
SG: Redd, Hassell, Richardson??
PG: Davis, Logan, Guyton or veteran for the minimum??

I think the trades are credible for the Hornets (especially if they are concerned about re-signing Davis) and the Wizards (they need a point guard and MJ loves Crawford, right?).

I was thinking a little more about this proposed trade with the Hornets, and I think it really does make sense for both teams (as long as the trade with the Wizards goes down as well). Think about it from the Hornets perspective.

After a sordid history that alienated both fans and players, the Hornets are now moving to a new city. Their franchise player (Davis) who they need to re-sign has not expressed a lot of love for the franchise and has even spoken out about how great it would be to play in his hometown of LA someday. They have a budding star (Magloire) in a crowded frontcourt, so they would love to unload one of their two aging frontcourt players (Brown and Campbell), both of whom have one year and about $7M left in their contracts. Their other two frontcourt players (Traylor and possibly Nailon, a big SF) both are free agents.

They are loaded at SF with Mashburn, Lynch, Augmon, and Nailon, but are thin at SG with a converted PG (Wesley) their only SG.

So the Bulls offer to trade them Jay Williams who is a younger version of Davis and probably is better known in New Orleans than Davis is. Getting Williams buys the franchise time to repair its image to its fans and players by the time Magloire and Williams need to re-sign.

They also are asked to give up one of the favorite players of the franchise, PJ Brown, and hard-working George Lynch, but both of these players are likely to see their roles get much smaller next year if they stay with the Hornets.

From the Bulls they get a somewhat promising PF prospect (Fizer) that points to a future frontcourt of Magloire, Fizer, Nailon (maybe), Traylor (maybe) and Haston (maybe). Getting Fizer makes it easier to not re-sign Traylor or Nailon. They are another center prospect away from being set in the frontcourt. The future #1 from the Bulls, even if it is heavily protected, could solve that problem.

Robinson provides them another option at SG. He is quick enough to guard SGs, although I suspect Mashburn would play SG on offense. Also, Hoiberg gives them bench support at the SG position that they just don't have right now.

Financially, this saves the Hornets this year, since they don't have to re-sign both Nailon and Traylor, and saves them next year, since they won't have to pay Davis's big new contract (even though Brown's salary does not come off the books). And by the time JWill's contract needs renogiated, ERob's contract will about be over.

Charlotte also gets a lot younger with this deal. It would decrease the average age of the team by about one full year, while decreasing the average age of the main players by even more than that. So the Hornets decrease their salary, get younger and better in the future, and alleviate a major re-signing that could get them off on a bad foot in their new city, without sacrificing too much in the present. This sounds like a very good deal to me for the Hornets.

For the Bulls, I can't see much reason to be against this overall scenario. Chicago isn't LA, but Davis surely would see the amazing future of this team. Heck, its prospects for 2002-2003 would not be too bad.
Hey, I think this post got lost in the ensuing back-and-forth that had nothing to with this thread. (I deleted my part of it.) Even if we keep JWill, other parts of this idea are still possible.

Fizer, ERob, & Hoiberg for Lynch and PJ Brown (or Campbell)
Crawford for the Wizard's #11 pick (Jeffries, Niko, Woods, Nachbar, Stoudemire, or someone who has dropped down)
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It probably would have to be for Campbell, but I think they want to play Magloire heavy minutes next year (he shot 55% last year), so either Brown or Campbell is going to see a reduction in their minutes. Since they view Magloire as a center, getting rid of Campbell would make more sense for Hornets. Fizer gives them a young PF to match up with Magloire. Brown and Campbell are getting up there, so grooming a replacement makes a lot of sense.

If Mashburn is healthy, if they want to play Lynch, they have to play Mashburn at SG. Having Mashburn (or Lynch) chase around SGs all season long is not a good strategy. Having Robinson or Hoiberg to chase SGs around gives them more options at guard, so they don't have to wear out Davis, Wesley, and Mashburn.

I see JWill starting and there is a good chance Hassell or Robinson start of SG, particularly for defensive purposes. Crawford could get caught in a minutes crunch and be forced into a role of having to come off the bench and guard SGs night in and night out. I think there is a good chance that his trade value go down througout the season.
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