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In this draft, there is no sure bet on who to take. The last draft to have a sure #1 was the '97 Draft with Tim Duncan. We don't need a franchise player or this big star. The player that would suit us best is one that has the winning instinct. That in my eyes is Jay Williams. He comes from a winning program at Duke(I'm not a Duke fan) and he always wants to win.

Yeah, his shooting is shakey but we are not asking him to be this big scorer. We have scorers in Jalen Rose, Jamal Crawford, Marcus Fizer, and Trenton Hassel. We need him to control the ball and take care of it, to bring down our turnovers. His shot will eventually come by working on it. Remember, Jordan had a shakey jumper when he entered the league. Most of his points came on drives to the basket. When he left the league in '98, he had one of the best jumpers and the most unstoppable fadeaway(which Kobe is trying to take). What made Michael so good was his winning instinct, his wanting to win everygame. Same goes for Magic and Bird, they worked on things to get better but they always wanted to win. That's the type of player you want and they are hard to find now.

I believe Brand wanted to win, but not bad enough. If so, he would have lashed out more against his teammates during games. Jalen though has shown he wants to win, you could see it in '98 against the Bulls in the Conf. Finals. You could see in the '00 Finals and you could see it this year. He has been vocal on how he wants the players to do this, he wants management to do that, he has the winning instinct.

See, it's not all about the talent or skills but it's about the heart and confidence. You can work on talent and your skill, but you can't put the heart into someone. The coach can give the players the confidence, which Bill Cartwright did. I coached 10-12 yr olds and they had no skill, but most had heart and confidence in themselves and they won games against more talented teams. See, the Bulls finally have the right players who have heart and the talent that just needs polishing. Jay Williams would add to the heart and the winning attitude they will take into the season. I don't know if any other player has the winning attitude he has or the heart. If he comes in and starts directing players and pushing them during games(as he stated he's not afraid to), that shows he is a leader with confidence. In today's game, that is worth more than 30 pts. a game.
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Sicky: What did you just say? The Kings ran the triangle last year right!! I knew it, I've been trying to figure out where I read that. I believe it was in an issue of SI from earlier this year. Do you remember or have a source.

I believe the point you make about Bibby is all the most relavent if we can prove that the King's were running the triangle. But common opinion among posters I've read, is that they do some-kind of Princton offense with back-cuts (??).

The Kings may be a very good model for our future. One reason why Jordan was so dominant late in his career was his amazing ability to post as a 2 guard. We already have a great post talent at C, so we dont necessarily need a 6'6" guy who posts up the smaller 2's. One thing which happened a lot at the end of last season, was Jamal getting posted up, or simply taken to the hole. BC mentioned the importance of his point guard, playing within his system, to be able to quarterback the defense. If this is the case then maybe Jamal isn't such a good match for us after-all. If he can't stop his own man, how can he quarterback his defense. Again, Jamal's performance at the end of last season came after a very serious knee surgery, so I realize that his legs might still have been recovering. Something to think about though.
Least wort recommendation: Baron Davis if we can get him, or Wally. (and of course take Yao Ming if Houston drafts JWill, that goes without saying.)
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