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Introductions & Greets

Welcome to! Introduce yourself!
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General Basketball

Come talk about International basketball, the WNBA, the NBA's D-League or your own personal basketball experiences here.
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National Basketball Association

NBA Forum

Where Amazing Happens. Discuss all things NBA here, including the history of the game, player comparisons, regular season games and much more.
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NBA Drafts

Who's going to be the #1 pick? What does your mock draft look like? Discuss the draft here!
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NBA Teams (Eastern Conference)

Boston Celtics

Green Runs Deep
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Chicago Bulls

Jib Central
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Atlanta Hawks

The Highlight Factory.
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Brooklyn Nets

Hello Brooklyn. Are You Ready?
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Cleveland Cavaliers

All for One. One for All.
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Charlotte Hornets

There's A Buzz In The Air...
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New York Knicks

Once a Knick, Always a Knick
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Detroit Pistons

Detroit Basketball
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Miami Heat

Welcome to Wade County
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Philadelphia 76ers

This Starts Now
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Indiana Pacers

Indiana's Game. Indiana's Team.
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Orlando Magic

Pure Magic
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Toronto Raptors

We The North
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Milwaukee Bucks

Own The Future
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Washington Wizards

No Doubt
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NBA Teams (Western Conference)

Dallas Mavericks

Fueled by the hate.
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Denver Nuggets

Dig In
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Golden State Warriors

The team by the Bay.
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Houston Rockets

A New Age
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Minnesota Timberwolves

One. Hungry. Pack.
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Los Angeles Clippers

Lob City
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Memphis Grizzlies

Beale, Blues, BBQ, and Basketball.
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Portland Trail Blazers

Rip City
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Los Angeles Lakers

16 Championships & Counting
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New Orleans Pelicans

Take Flight
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Oklahoma City Thunder

Same team, new city.
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Phoenix Suns

Fuel The Fire
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San Antonio Spurs

"The Department of Foreign Affairs."
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Utah Jazz

"Newtah Jazz"
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Sacramento Kings

Long Live The Kings
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College Basketball It's March Madness every minute

College Hoops Central

A place for general discussion on college hoops
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March Madness!

March Madness!
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Sim Leagues
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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