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  • Lari Ketner ·
    Hey DB, hope you're doing well. As you may or may not know, the real Lari Ketner passed away a little over a week ago. I'd like to change my user name as a result. Please change it to RIP Lari Ketner if doing so is within your jurisdiction. Thanks.
    AlienAiden ·
    Hey DB, I have been fiddling with my CPUser setting. I can now see everybody's avatars and signatures. One thing I notice about mine is that my Charles Shackleford signature does not show up after I post and my Rep Level is not current. Is that because I have not posted since he changes?
    Billesq ·
    hey i'm totally not trying to troll that guy. i'm getting out of that one. i obviously caught him on a bad day. I'm pretty sarcastic at times but i wasn't expecting that sort of out come. If i ever do anything off just let me know i'll stop even if i'm right. I'm not here to pick fights. LOL
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