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  • AlienAiden ·
    I have no hate but as you know I get bent about the diploma mill stuff. No biggie though because it is all ribbing. The SLU game yesterday really disappointed me. I am just not sure my team can shoot or finish at the rim at a good enough percentage to reach the heights of success that I would like. They do have heart and tenacity so hopefully they will figure it out. Anyway, thanks for the offer and good luck against GW. After my experience with their fans in Foggy Bottom I do not hold them in high regard.
    AlienAiden ·
    Hey Moliva, I just saw this message. I would have taken you up on that but This site did not alert me to your message. I was sad to hear about DWill leaving and Lindsay missing the remainder of his senior season due to injury. The Spiders have been impressive since and I admit that I love your young players. Shawdre Jones and Trey Davis are kids that I have heard about for awhile because of friends that have AAU connections and know their family members. My memory is not great but I think I remember Davis' father playing for Richmond. Allen is like a deer and I enjoy it when he is aggressive. Good luck the rest of the way except when my Rams come to the Robins Center. Because my wife is a UR grad I get Spider mail and she has a Richmond Alumni sticker on our storm door. Ha!
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