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  1. Playoffs round 2

    League Discussion
    damn I really thought this was my year, oh well it is what it is. Guess my sim league career ends with a 2nd round upset loss. That precious sim league championship has eluded me for 3 years (real life) guess im just never going to get it. Peace out boys thats it for me! It's been fun!
  2. 2001 Playoffs SIM 1

    League Discussion
    haha we escaped a very tough Mavericks team, great series KB. Gotta say LOL at that game one though, Duncan and Houston scored 72pts combined and entire mavericks squad only had 78. Now its time to matchup with the Spurs and see how that series goes, fun matchups across the board.
  3. Bucks GM Retires

    its been fun X! I feel ya on the stepping away from sim leagues for awhile, I'm going to finish out this season and then im done too man.
  4. 2001 Final Regular Season SIM

    League Discussion
    wow I did not expect to wind up with the best record and homecourt throughout the playoffs. Hopefully Timmy and the boys can get it done this year! Best of luck KB see you at Key Arena!
  5. 2001 Regular Season SIM 5

    League Discussion
    we just keep rolling, glad to see this team playing their best basketball headed into the playoffs, since I started this league I have been trying to build a team that can win in the playoffs and I think this might be that squad now that we have a Robin to Timmy's Batman.
  6. 2001 Regular Season SIM 4

    League Discussion
    looks like we are starting to mesh a little better with that leap up the standings to 2nd place and only 2 games out of the top spot behind them Grizzlies. It's awesome to see how tight the standings are, only 7 game seperate 8th and 1st in both conferences.
  7. 2008 Finals Uploaded

    SLAM League Discussion
    congrats lost and once again guys, its been awesome!
  8. Playoff Sim Uploaded

    SLAM League Discussion
    we got owned in the first round lol by Minny, good luck to Lost and KG in the finals, may the best man win...too bad he lost in the first round but anyway :p I was trying to figure out who all the original NBAW guys are that are still around and have been here the entire time. 1. ajax25 2. VBM...
  9. 2001 Regular Season SIM 3

    League Discussion
    well not exactly the record we were hoping for, Timmy and Allan are killing it but im getting nothing outside of those two, Big Mac has taken a step backwards this season, Brandon has been solid but our depth is hurting us, I really need that third scorer who can put up 15-18ppg, going to try...
  10. Seattle Supersonics Depth Chart

    Depth Charts
    C- Maculloch/Johnson/Maculloch PF- Duncan/Johnson/Johnson SF- Houston/Hassell/Elliot SG- K. Gill/Houston/Elliot PG- Brandon/Hart/Hassell IR- Greg Anthony Options 1. Houston 2. Duncan 3. Brandon Pace: Normal Trap: Sometimes Press: Normal Focus: Balanced
  11. playoffs?

    SLAM League Discussion
    so are we going to actually finish the season? wasn't the first round supposed to be last night? did I miss something?
  12. SLAM Playoffs: Tuesday, October 18th, 11 PM EST

    SLAM Depth Charts
    C : Stromile Swift/Marc Gasol/ Troy Murphy PF: Ben Wallace/Troy Murphy/Jason Maxiel SF: Gerald Wallace/Jason Maxiel/Gerald Wallace SG: Michael Redd/Jamal Crawford/Jamal Crawford PG: Raymond Felton/Jamal Crawford/Luther Head IR: Chris Richards,Raef Lafrentz, Aaron Brooks Scoring Options 1...
  13. Final Regular Season Sim Uploaded

    SLAM League Discussion
    WTF happened? we went from the 4th seed and homecourt to the 7th seed and having to play the juggernaut Wolves in the first round, damn, time to pull the upset! Big Ben vs KG should be interesting, same with G-Wall and Grant Hill. I personally think we matchup really well with them, this series...
  14. Sim 8 Uploaded

    SLAM League Discussion
    haha Chi Chi, sounds like RIP and I are kind of in the same boat, eventually real life just becomes more important. RIP and KG you guys have done a fantastic job running all of these leagues from the time we first started with the NBAW back on the wire. We have had so many crazy things happen...
  15. 2001 Regular Season SIM 1

    League Discussion
    not a great start at 5-4 but could have been worse, we haven't really been able to do much scoring but I didnt set this DC (thanks roll I have been really busy) so I will make some changes and see if we can get it going. Believe it or not I'm going to roll with Duncan as my third option behind...
  16. Seattle Supersonics Depth Chart

    Depth Charts
    C- Maculloch/Johnson/Maculloch PF- Duncan/Johnson/Johnson SF- Elliot/K. Gill/Hassell SG- Houston/K. Gill/ K. Gill PG- Brandon/Hart/Hassell IR- Greg Anthony- seriously? a PG with D+ handles? Options 1. Brandon 2. Houston 3. Duncan Pace: Normal Trap: Sometimes Press: Normal Focus: Balanced
  17. My Pre-Preseason Top 29

    wow 2nd? really? I don't even think we are THAT good, Houston will help but I feel like we lost a lot of depth which could really hurt us. I had a lot of guys just getting too dang old that I had to either try and ride it out or cut the cord and use the $$ in FA to get a guy like Houston.
  18. R.I.P. SLAM

    SLAM Announcements
    who says this league is dead? I know activity is down a little but we have seen that before, it could have something to do with the fact that alot of us "Vets" have been doing this sim league thing for quite some time and may feel a little like I do. Kind of burned out on sim leagues, they have...
  19. Dynasty Basketball League

    Fantasy Basketball
    LOL I just thought it was funny since we already have 3 sim leagues here at this site, best of luck filling out your league man
  20. Sonics GM retires... or does he?

    after talking with Roll earlier today, I agreed to stay on as the GM of the Sonics for a little longer. I am finishing out the season in SLAM so I might as well continue to run this team as well since there isn't anybody jumping at the bit to get into this league and I will be around anyway. Not...
1-20 of 444 Results