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  1. Two weeks to reset passwords after a data breach?!

    Community Help
    Nice userbars.:uhoh: Here’s what happened in case anyone didn’t see it. VS claims it came from a 3rd party plugin and it's on a bunch of other sites. This password thing...
  2. Update: Cavs acquire Kevin Love, Jamel is still complaining, T-Mac injured

    NBA Forum
    I see Lebron getting guys open through penetration (assists) moreso than his point stats being better.
  3. World Peace Changes Name To Panda Friend

    NBA Forum
    I think he's just legit crazy. Dude's off his meds again.
  4. WWE SummerSlam [August 18, 2013]

    Professional Wrestling
    I can see why people are mad at the finish, but Bryan will be a huge star because of this. Vince and HHH will be together on a power trip for months. Then HHH will attempt to seize complete control of the company causing Vince to turn face. Then at Wrestlemania Vince selects Daniel Bryan to face...
  5. LOW Draft Playoffs: Basel(WWF Division) vs. scdn (WCW Division)

    Professional Wrestling
    Wow Basel's card is pretty stacked. Daniel Bryan vs Mysterio 60 mins?
  6. BBF's Official 25 Greatest Wrestlers of All-Time List. Agree or disagree?

    Professional Wrestling
    Sting, Warrior, Lawler, Edge in the top 25? Hart better than Flair? Flair at number 7? I could go on and on. I know most of ya'll think Flair is overrated here but he's easily the best mic worker on the list. (Yes, better than Austin and Rock) And you all need to watch the Flair vs Steamboat...
  7. Scottie Pippen beat up autograph seeker for calling him the N-word, spitting at him & talking about his wife

    Everything But Basketball
    Scottie's like 6'8. He could have probably tossed this dude around like a rag doll if he wanted. Some of these dudes don't think before they act. Agreed with Diable on him trying to get money out of Scottie. Happens all the time with celebrities/athletes.
  8. The Stupidity that was WCW

    Professional Wrestling
    1996 and 1997 WCW were some of the best years in wrestling history. 98 was hot as well. 1999 and 2000 WCW were some of the worse years in wrestling history. There's a difference between WWE's mishaps and WCW's continuous mishaps. WWE's booking hilarity was a result of incompetent bookers. WCW's...
  9. Meltzer praised in the NY Times

    Professional Wrestling That room looks like it was hit by a tornado. No idea how he works there. He said he got calls from a lot of big time media journalists after this...
  10. Western Conference Playoffs 2nd Round Spurs vs. Warriors (Spurs Win 4-2)

    NBA Playoffs Archive
    Re: Western Conference Playoffs 2nd Round Spurs vs. Warriors (Series Tied 2-2) I thought a Golden State win last night would mean they would win this series in 6. Now I'm picking the Spurs in 7. Hope I'm wrong though because I want to see a Memphis/GS WCF series.
  11. Thoughts on the New BBF?

    Community Help
    The visitor message thing in user profiles is cool. Seen it on other forums where users have convos with each other via each other's profile.
  12. Greatest Wrestlers of All-Time: #10

    Professional Wrestling
    Sting was just ok in the ring. He had to get carried a lot. He still does to this day. He was always a top franchise player in the company, but like you said it wasn't until he adopted the crow gimmick that he really took off. Plus he was put in the perfect storyline by being the main babyface...
  13. George Karl Named Coach of the Year

    NBA Forum
    Meh. Mark Jackson was more deserving. I respect George Karl but he finishes with the same disappointing result every year.
  14. P.J. Carlesimo won't be brought back as coach; who gets the gig?

    Brooklyn Nets
    No idea why teams try to eye Phil. If it's not the Lakers, he's not interested.
  15. Eastern Conference Playoffs 2nd Round Heat vs. Bulls (Heat win 4-1)

    NBA Playoffs Archive
    Re: Eastern Conference Playoffs 2nd Round Heat vs. Bulls (Bulls lead 1-0) I expect Lebron to be more aggressive and if he's checking Nate, he's going to punish that little dude. RIP Nate.:(
  16. Chris Kelly of "Kris Kross" Passes Away

    Everything Music
    He was still young. Only 34. That's crazy when you look 20 years back. Shame to see what drugs can do to people.
  17. Western Conference 1st Round: (1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (8) Houston Rockets [Thunder win 4-2]

    NBA Playoffs Archive
    OKC seems so lost without Westbrook. I really don't see them coming out the West now. I'm leaning toward the Spurs.
  18. Florida Man Called 911 80 Times Asking for Kool-Aid and Weed Deliveries

    Everything But Basketball
    Combined with the schoolgirl getting a felony charge for a science experiment.
  19. Eastern Conference 1st Round: (2) New York Knicks vs. (7) Boston Celtics [Knicks win 4-2]

    NBA Playoffs Archive
    Knicks deserve to lose for all the immature shit they did before the game. I'm a bit surprised Jason Kidd participated in that all black funeral thing. You would think a 40 year old wouldn't stoop to 20 year old immaturity but I guess not. What happened to playing ball and being classy? Melo...
  20. Eastern Conference 1st Round: (4) Brooklyn Nets vs. (5) Chicago Bulls [Bulls win 4-3]

    NBA Playoffs Archive
    re: Eastern Conference 1st Round: (4) Brooklyn Nets vs. (5) Chicago Bulls [Series Tied 3-3] Yeah that's why I said arguably. I think the Clip/Grizzly series is better but everyone has a preference. People I spoke too are really into this Nets/Bulls series. Clippers/Grizzlies going to 7 games...
1-20 of 454 Results