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  1. NBA Forum
    VERT SHOCK The ‘Dirty Secret’ Behind the World’s # The ONLY Proven 3-Step Jump Training Program That Adds AT LEAST 9 – 15+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump… In Less Than 8 Weeks. Guaranteed To Take YOU From Below The Rim To Throwing Down Your Own Nasty Dunks in LESS THAN 8 Weeks.
  2. General Basketball
    What are the most important aspects of a free-throw shot with good form? I know it can be different for people, but in general there should be similarities that newer players can work on. E.g. I heard one of them is making sure your shooting arm stays within the same vertical plane. Any others...
  3. Introductions & Greets Hey if you love basketball then check us out! We upload anything that is basketball related! We even upload other peoples videos! We do montages, minitages, how to do videos, training, and vs! Its gonna hard getting big starting off but we are...
1-3 of 3 Results