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  1. NBA Forum
    The Brooklyn Nets have agreed to long-term deals with Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. Read about the details here.
  2. NBA Forum
    After their recent trade, the Bucks should have the space to make a big move this offseason. They are reportedly going after Lopez and Chandler: Do you think the Bucks should try...
  3. NBA Forum
    The Nets have been eliminated from the playoffs. Has Lopez played his last game a Net? More:
  4. NBA Forum
    NBA Executives expect Brook Lopez to opt out of the final year of his NBA contract. Here's the latest: Who will Lopez sign with next?
  5. NBA Forum
    It's time to stop sleeping on Brook Lopez. Here's why:
  6. NBA Forum
    Anyone see this awesome subplot of the NBA season? Absolutely hilarious. Today, he took out G-Wiz. Yesterday he went at it with the Raptors' mascot. He's had a pretty good rivalry going with the Hawks' mascot. Funny stuff. There's been a lot more. Here's one against Clutch of the...
  7. NBA Forum
    The 7-footer from Stanford is only 26 years old and still has what it takes to return to All-star form. More:
  8. NBA Forum
    The Miami Heat are interested in Brook Lopez, as per ESPN's Ohm Youngmisuk. Here are a few more trade packages for Lopez:
  9. Brooklyn Nets
    The Nets are going to bench Deron Williams and Brook Lopez reports say in the game against the Orlando Magic and continue with the starting lineup that have won many games after Williams and Lopez got injured. This is a good way for the Nets to get to a good start because the bench players get a...
  10. Brooklyn Nets
    Although this is a highly debatable topic, many people that Mason Plumlee should start for Brooklyn because what he offers and how Brook Lopez has constant injuries. More
  11. NBA Forum
    There is a lot of debate going on about who should be Brooklyn's MVP for this year. We come to a consensus that the main two candidates are Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson. They each offer their own different skill sets. Brook Lopez is explosive in the post while Johnson is the most clutch guy in...
  12. Brooklyn Nets
    Sure, Lopez has played 96 games in the past three seasons. Sure, he wasn't that good. That was all due to his injury. Brook Lopez lately has been saying he will do better than he has ever played before. This is what he said in many interviews. Brook Lopez say that he will have no restriction...
  13. NBA Forum
    Brook Lopez may opt-out of contract after end of this season. Do you think he will/should? If he opts out, how much money do you think teams will offer him per year? Rumor details:
1-13 of 13 Results