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  1. Boston Celtics
    I'm not a professional collector by any means. I just collect things I love... just so happens A LOT of that is around Boston sports. I have no interest in selling this. The more it's worth the more I'd hold on to it. So please, no offers to purchase. Just a conversation piece if nothing else...
  2. NBA Forum
    Will Rajon Rondo be traded to Sacramento? Details here: Let me know what you guys think? Is it worth it from a Kings standpoint? Or Celtics?
  3. Boston Celtics
    With Houston determined to trade Asik within the next 36 hours or so, and Boston being one of the main teams connected to the deal, it seems like a good time to start this up. Post all rumors/thoughts/fake trades here in the leadup to the February 2014 deadline. As far as Asik to Boston goes...
1-4 of 5 Results