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  1. Brooklyn Nets
    D-Will has had his ups and downs in his tenure with the Nets. Is he still relevant in fantasy leagues around the league? Join the discussion here:
  2. Brooklyn Nets
    Deron Williams will travel with the team during 3-game road trip, and will likely play soon. Details:
  3. NBA Forum
    The Rockets are a great team as it already is. They are a force to be reckoned with and are definitely a competitor for the finals. The Rockets hope to get a good point guard to secure this position. One prospect that is under scrutiny by them is Brooklyn Nets All-Star point-guard Deron...
  4. Brooklyn Nets
    The Nets are going to bench Deron Williams and Brook Lopez reports say in the game against the Orlando Magic and continue with the starting lineup that have won many games after Williams and Lopez got injured. This is a good way for the Nets to get to a good start because the bench players get a...
  5. NBA Forum
    Lately, rumors have been that Deron Williams would be traded to the Sacremento Kings along with Mason Plumlee. Sending Deron Williams isn't the right things to do. First of all, the Nets need to have a good team and have patience. More here:
  6. NBA Forum
    Over the summer, Kobe fired some bad things at Deron and said he keeps shooting even when he misses and hes a ball hog. Deron Williams responded a week later. Now again, he responded to the same quote again. Here is more info:
  7. NBA Forum
    After Kobe had insulted D-Will, 2 weeks later, look at how D-Will responded. I have to say that I agree with D-Will. He is the better guy. Check out what he said here
  8. Brooklyn Nets
    Player Deron Williams hasn't shown up for the Brooklyn Nets. On a radio talk with D-Will, we were able to find out that he doesn't like New York city. Here's a quote from D-Will "I’m not going to lie. I don’t really feel so much like a New Yorker. I grew up in an apartment in Texas where you...
1-8 of 8 Results