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  1. NBA Forum Which of these are overpaid?
  2. NBA Forum
    This list just includes teams based on regular season records, I definitely think a team that should be included is the Bill Russell Celtics, just off how dominant they were in the 60’s
  3. NBA Forum
    In a matter of years, Chris paul will be on the list, how high will he go? Will anyone be able to catch John Stockton? I was also surprised that 2 big guys made the list.
  4. NBA Forum
    Hey guys, obviously theres always talk about the greatest scorers, so after doing some research i came up with a top ten list, interesting to note, kobe, who is mentioned in almost every circle as one of the greatest scorers of all time doesn't crack the top 10 (for ppg). Also just to let you...
  5. NBA Forum
    I think that you'd have to give that to Johnson or Stockton. Also though I think pistol pete was a hell of a passer. This video helps explain why Johnson though
1-6 of 6 Results