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  1. General Basketball
    Hi, this happened yesterday. When I was trying to take a rebound , I jumped , a fat guy from behind caught my shoulders and pulled my down causing me to arc backward. I kind of heard crackling sounds from my back. I was however able to stand up play and walk . But from today morning there is...
  2. General Basketball
    Hi. So I used to be an active (the most active) player on my school team. I'd even go to an external team every week for around two hours or more so that I could get even better at my ball game. However, one day I sustained a finger injury. Yep; jammed fingers. Soon enough the injury faded and...
  3. NBA Forum
    Definitely thought kobe was gonna be first, then I forgot that paul george came back this season. Injuries suck man.
  4. Brooklyn Nets
    Although this is a highly debatable topic, many people that Mason Plumlee should start for Brooklyn because what he offers and how Brook Lopez has constant injuries. More
1-4 of 6 Results