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  1. The truth about the daily routine of an NBA players

    Everything But Basketball
    As the name suggests, professional sport is a profession, a full-time profession. Those who imagine that sportspeople take it easy and make a living while having fun are seriously mistaken. For an elite basketball player, it's 5 hours of training a day. From the outside, the rhinestones and...
  2. Giveaway for a Kobe Bryant canvas with signature!

    Los Angeles Lakers
    ShotDoctor is doing a giveaway content where you win a 72"x24" canvas of Kobe in various shooting positions with signature. It's pretty awesome! If you are interested you can find the GIVEAWAY HERE.

    NBA Forum
    People don’t realize that the reason the NBA shutdown is to try and save money. The The main reason why the NBA shut down is because they don’t want to lose money having games with no fans in the arena when they have to pay their athletes millions and millions of dollars....So they postponed...
  4. How the NBA FAILED Jeremy Lin

    NBA Forum
    Jeremy Lin has value and the team in NBA just kick him in the curb. I hope Jeremy Lin stay positive vibe.

    Toronto Raptors
    If you miss the Raptors game. Here the highlights Youtube Channel Link NBA:
  6. Kobe Bryant's death story and legacy

    NBA Forum
    Can't believe that Kobe Bryant died Yesterday and also his Daughter too. Only Thirteen years old. Youtube link CBC News:
  7. Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets: Match Preview and Predictions - 3rd December 2019

    NBA Forum
    Los Angeles Lakers preview The Lakers have been the best team in the NBA till now. They have started off really hot and have cemented their position as one of the topmost contenders for the championship this season. The Lakers are 17-3 and have the best record in the NBA. They have especially...
  8. Luka Doncic Best Euroleague Player 2017/2018, potencial NO1 NBA DRAFT pick

    NBA Drafts
    What do you think about Luka Doncic? Prospect from Slovenia, playing for Real Madrid in Spain and Euroleague. He has best stats in Euroleague and he's still a teenager!!
  9. HONEST QUESTION: Anyone use TickPick?

    NBA Forum
    Has anyone tried them out? I am going to a Heat game and I am trying to collect informatoin about them. Thank you in advance for letting me know in advance. #anxiousfannotwantingtogetrippedoff
  10. Watch NBA Live Stream today's matches

    NBA Forum
    Watch NBA Live Stream 07/11/2017 Pacers Vs Pelicans Wizards Vs Mavericks Raptors Vs Bulls Cavaliers Vs Bucks
  11. 2018 #1 SG Romeo Langford

    NBA Drafts
    Thoughts on where 2018 #1 SG and #5 overall player Romeo Langford will play his one year of college?
  12. Hey guys! NBA Mixtape Maker Introduction!

    Introductions & Greets
    Hey everyone! I am new to this site, and I make NBA player mixtapes on Youtube! I can't wait to be a part of this community, and you should check me out on my Youtube channel below! Thank you! Channel: -iBallerPT
  13. Wayne Ellington's Very Emotional Post

    NBA Forum
  14. Match-up: which team of 5 NBA All-Stars would you pick to win against the other?

    NBA Forum
    [edited] This is just a fun fantasy match-up. In a game played for two 12-minute halves, with all the players being in their prime, who would win between the two teams? Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook / sixth man: Earvin "Magic" Johnson / coach...
  15. 10 Largest NBA Offseason Contracts 2015

    NBA Forum Which of these are overpaid?
  16. Greatest NBA Teams?

    NBA Forum
    This list just includes teams based on regular season records, I definitely think a team that should be included is the Bill Russell Celtics, just off how dominant they were in the 60’s
  17. All-Time NBA Steals Leaders

    NBA Forum
    In a matter of years, Chris paul will be on the list, how high will he go? Will anyone be able to catch John Stockton? I was also surprised that 2 big guys made the list.
  18. 2014-2015 highest paid per game players

    NBA Forum
    Definitely thought kobe was gonna be first, then I forgot that paul george came back this season. Injuries suck man.
  19. Who is the greatest scorer of all time?

    NBA Forum
    Hey guys, obviously theres always talk about the greatest scorers, so after doing some research i came up with a top ten list, interesting to note, kobe, who is mentioned in almost every circle as one of the greatest scorers of all time doesn't crack the top 10 (for ppg). Also just to let you...
  20. Who is the greatest passer of all time?

    NBA Forum
    I think that you'd have to give that to Johnson or Stockton. Also though I think pistol pete was a hell of a passer. This video helps explain why Johnson though