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  1. Division I Conference Forums
    Kamal HASSANALI video link: Good viewing, do not hesitate to comment.
  2. General Basketball
    Quick video about basketball development, from an ex-NBA player. Not just HOW, but plenty of WHY in here, some stories, some insights.
  3. March Madness!
    For the first 20 some years of my life, I paid little to no attention to March Madness. In March 2018, my co-workers roped me into joining the bracket pool at work. With no knowledge, and only going by seeding numbers and hunches, I filled out my bracket in a few minutes. I of course make many...
  4. College Hoops Central
    So this season is probably going to be really weird. Probably a lot of canceled games to come and players will miss games. I just wrote about on Picks To Be Made. College Basketball Is Back - I 100% Definitely Don’t Gamble about some bets for tomorrow nights season opener and I took Virginia to...
  5. NBA Drafts
    Thoughts on where 2018 #1 SG and #5 overall player Romeo Langford will play his one year of college?
1-5 of 7 Results