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  1. General Basketball
    Quick video about basketball development, from an ex-NBA player. Not just HOW, but plenty of WHY in here, some stories, some insights.
  2. General Basketball
    The ‘Dirty Secret’ Behind the World’s #1 Dunker. The ONLY Proven 3-Step Jump Training Program That Adds AT LEAST 9 – 15+ Inches To Your Vertical Jump… In Less Than 8 Weeks. Guaranteed To Take YOU From Below The Rim To Throwing Down Your Own Nasty Dunks in LESS THAN 8 Weeks. Hey soon-to-be...
  3. Philadelphia 76ers
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  4. General Basketball
    --Are you a trainer? --Do you have problems with jumping higher? --You want to learn HOW TO DUNK LIKE A PRO? So far, I’ve helped over 2,000 people experience what I would consider the best feeling in the world… ht t p://b it.l y/2P zA7 q q (Delete spaces in the link ) Glad to help you ! :D
1-4 of 4 Results