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Stop me when this starts to sound familiar.

A fourth-quarter huddle late in the Nuggets' 104-82 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday broke with this phrase: "1-2-3 ... six weeks!"

As in six weeks to go until the end of the season. That's 24 games, 46 days and 1,152 minutes away.

Tax day, April 15, is getaway day: the last day of the Nuggets' season. Rest assured, there are players who are already counting.

And if by now you've already connected the dots to the similarity with Nick Van Exel's infamous "1-2-3 ... Cancun!" in 1998, you win the Showcase Showdown.

Hey, no one said the Nuggets who uttered the new millennium version of that were original.

Van Exel, who yelled his chant at the end of a practice during a Western Conference finals in which the Los Angeles Lakers were being swept by Utah, insisted it was a joke.

"Everyone who was in that locker room with me knows I'd never give up on the team," Van Exel later told reporters. "But finger pointing happens. I never meant anything wrong."
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