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After 11 seasons with Philadelphia and Seattle, Canton's own Eric Snow returned to his Northeast Ohio roots this off-season when the Cavaliers dealt guards Kevin Ollie and Kedrick Brown to the Sixers for the durable point man. Known around the league as one of its toughest defenders and nicest guys, Snow brings a wealth of experience to the Wine and Gold.
Q:You’ve played alongside a smaller guard for the balance of your career. What do you think it’ll be like playing with a big two-guard like LeBron James?

A:Snow: I pretty much look at it the same way because the way I see it if I’m playing with LeBron at guard or whoever I’m playing with, I see myself having to guard the other team's best guard. So it’s nice to play with a big guy, but I just look for a guy who’s a basketball player who’s going to make me better and I’ll have a chance to make him better. And the combination should always give us a chance to win. So that’s the excitement of playing with a guy like LeBron.
Q:What is it about you or your game that allowed the Sixers to have two relatively small point guards on the floor at the same time? It’s almost unheard of, yet you went to the Finals and were always in the thick of the playoffs. Coach Silas said he plans to use you and Jeff McInnis on the court together. What are your thoughts on that?

A:Snow: I like that. I think we’re both going to compete and we both understand how to play. Coach Silas’ offense is interchangeable, so it’s not going to be a debate on who has the ball and so forth. It’s pretty much where both guard positions can do the same thing. People consider us a small guard tandem, but we’re both considered pretty tall for the point guard position, so it gives a great deal of versatility with us both being able to play the wing and both being able to guard both guard positions.
Q:Coach Silas said you two have – and have had – a really good relationship. Why and how did it come about?

A:Snow: We’ve played against each other so many times and in the playoffs twice. And I’ve been to different events where his wife and my wife -- charity things. We’ve seen each other quite a bit and we strike up a conversation and talk and get a feel for each other. We always talk before games and during games. So you get a feel for someone and it’s more than just a ‘Hi, how’re you doing?’ type of relationship. He’s great to play for and he’s great with the guys and I really look forward to the chance to come in and contribute.

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