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10 Best At Each Positon

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Point Guard
1. Jason Kidd
2. Andre Miller
3. Baron Davis
4. Gary Payton
5. Steve Francis
6. Mike Bibby
7. Steve Nash
8. Stephon Marbury
9. Jason Terry
10. Jamaal Tinsley

Shooting Guard:
1. Tracy McGrady
2. Paul Pierce
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Vince Carter
5. Allen Iverson
6. Michael Finley
7. Wally Szczerbiak
8. Jerry Stackhouse
9. Ray allen
10. Bonzi Wells

Small Forward:
1. Kevin Garnett
2. Dirk Nowitzki
3. Peja Stojakovic
4. Shawn Marion
5. Lamar Odom
6. Shareef Abdur-Rahim
7. Jalen Rose
8. Glenn Robinson
9. Pau Gasol
10. Ron Artest

Power Forward:
1. Tim Duncan
2. Chris Webber
3. Jermaine O'Neal
4. Ben Wallace
5. Elton Brand
6. Rasheed Wallace
7. Antonio McDyess
8. Antione Walker
9. Kenyon martin
10. Antonio Davis

1. shaq
2. Vlade Divac
3. Dikembe Mutombo
4. Theo Ratliff
5. Alonzo Mourning
6. Brad Miller
7. Raef Lafrentz
8. Michael Olowokandi
9. Keon Clark
10.Jake Tsakilidis
10. Jake Tsakilidis
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I agree that Stockton should be in the top 10-but I'm not sure about Malone-he might barely squeak in.
Originally posted by JoeF

He averaged 38 Min and played in 80 games. Here are his stats.
22.4 8.6 4.3 45% 36% 80% 1.9
What 10 PF stats match these? Where is he lacking? He is definitely in the top 10.
I said he would barely make in #9-thats not bad
Originally posted by KC
C'mon, Jalen Rose should be much higher than that..... He averaged 23, 5, 4 with the Bulls. IMO, he should be at #4 SF.

Kevin Garnett
Dirk Nowitzki
Peja Stojakovic
Shawn Marion
Latrell Spreewell
Jamal Mashburn
Shareef Abdur-Rahim

All of these guys are better than Rose-and Robinson is just as good IMO
Originally posted by KC

Weak list you put up.....
Rose plays on a weak team...;)
Originally posted by KC

What's your point? Half the people on your list do as well. Nice argument. :rolleyes:
Dirk-Good Team
Peja-Good Team
Marion-OK Team
Spreewell-Bad Team
Mashburn-Good Team
Shareef-Bad Team

All of the guys on my list play on teams that are good or better than the Bulls
1 - 5 of 89 Posts
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