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10 nba finals matchups we almost got this decade both good and Bad. Majority of these are bad ones. That nobody wanted to see. But they came close to happening.

2012. Spurs vs Celtics. (Bad) does anyone remember when we were on the verge of seeing the most boring nba finals ever? The spurs had a 2-0 lead against the thunder in the 2012 western conference finals, Meanwhile in the east Miami was struggling with Boston Boston had a 3-2 lead and looked to be heading back to the finals. I mean unless your a fan of either team you had to have been scared to death of this. I mean god this would have been so bad and boring and slow. Thank god for James and Durant.

9. 2013. Grizzlies vs Miami. (Bad) Yeah just imagine if Memphis was somehow able to upset the spurs in the conference finals in 2013. Imagine Marc gasol vs lebron james in the finals.. I mean do I need to go any further.

8. 2011. Bulls vs Mavericks. (Mixed) really don’t know how this would have played out..

7. Pacers vs spurs, 2013 and 2014, (bad) yep in back to back years we almost got the pacers and spurs do I need to say anymore? I’ll move on.

6. 2015. Atlanta vs Houston. (Horrible) Oh it gets worse, Atlanta vs golden state would have been bad.. but Imagine if James harden and the rockets would have beaten golden state in 2015 in the conference finals and Atlanta beat Cleveland we would have had a very dull finals matchup between Atlanta and Houston.

5. 2016. Okc vs Cleveland. (Great) the matchup that was supposed to happen but we all know what transpired.

4. 2013. Pacers vs grizzlies. (Horrible)Now sit back and think about this.. if Memphis and Indiana both pulled off upsets in the conference finals in 2013. We would have had to endure this the absolute worst scenario ever,

3. 2017. Celtics vs warriors. (????) Who knows. Warriors would have probably still won anyway. I.T. Just wasn’t good enough to take down golden state anyway. He was too small.

2. 2017. Spurs vs cavs. ???) Might have happened if not for zaza pachulia.

1. 2018. Rockets and cavs. (Great) yeah what we should have gotten had harden not shit the bed in game 7.
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