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1. Lamar Odom, F, Clippers

We go back and forth about whether Odom is really available. There's obviously a lot of interest and the Clippers have been flooded with calls. The question is, are they listening? Several GM's have told Insider in the last few days that they are. They won't give him away, but the fact that they are considering an Eric Snow-for-Odom deal tells you that his value has really dropped.

2. Mike Miller, F, Magic
Doc Rivers wants to address the Magic's post woes and from all indications, the Magic are using Miller as trade bait to move up into the high lottery. Maryland's Wilcox and Brazilian big man Nene Hilario are the players the Magic are eyeing. The Grizzlies at No. 4, the Nuggets at No. 5 and the Cavs at No. 6 are their primary targets. If they can't pry away a top lottery pick, they may be able to swing Jamal Crawford and Marcus Fizer away from the Bulls. That would kill two birds with one stone.

3. Jamal Crawford, G, Bulls
Speaking of Crawford, with Jay Williams already setting up camp in Chicago, the Bulls may finally be able to move Crawford. He's bulked up again this summer and plenty of teams are intrigued. Don't count out the Sonics. They love him and if things start going south in the Rashard Lewis negotiations, there's always a chance they could work out a sign-and-trade for Crawford, Fizer and Eddie Robinson.

4. Baron Davis, G, Hornets
He's upset with the team and several league sources insist that he's told the team he won't sign an extension. The T-Wolves, Warriors, Hawks, Pistons, Pacers, Knicks and Raptors are all looking for point guards.

5. Latrell Sprewell, G, Knicks
Scott Layden is still trying to shake things up and Spree is his most valuable commodity. If Wilcox is off the board when the Knicks draft, they may have no choice but to draft either Dajuan Wagner, or a small forward and move Spree. The New York Daily News is reporting today that the Knicks turned down a Glenn Robinson-for-Spree offer.

6. Dikembe Mutombo and Eric Snow, 76ers
Larry Brown is trying to juice up the scoring on the team and both Mutombo and Snow are expendable. The Sixers already tried to pry away Rasheed Wallace from the Blazers, Kevin Garnett from the T-Wolves and Lamar Odom from the Clippers, but so far no one's biting. The Blazers, Mavs and Knicks are the only three teams that can afford Mutombo. The Pistons and Hawks also have interest in Snow.

7. Danny Fortson, F, Warriors
Antawn Jamison pouted until he got his way, and from all indications, he'll be starting at power forward next year. If the Warriors draft Mike Dunleavy, Fortson won't see the light of day. His contract make him tough, but not impossible to move.

8. Wally Szczerbiak, F, T-Wolves
Minnesota has to do something. This team is stuck as perpetual first-round loser. The Wolves' point guard situation is shady, the chemistry issue is even sketchier and if they don't do something now to shake things up, it could be a long season. Expect the usual suspects -- the Cavs, Grizzlies, Sixers and Heat -- to keep their ears open.

9. Courtney Alexander, G, Wizards
The Wizards are trying to add another pick and could be using Alexander as bait. He struggled mightily last season, but still has enough upside to get Washington a mid to late first-rounder. Would the Hornets or Nets be interested?

10. Anyone on the Grizzlies not named Pau Gasol
Stromile Swift and Michael Dickerson are the the two guys who get mentioned the most. Dickerson will be tough to move because of base compensation issues. Swift will be tough to move because of laziness issues.


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I like your list. I can agree with some of the players you mentioned like of course the Wally's, and the Odoms. Those are sure ins to be traded draft day time.

Some of your list consists of people that i dont see going anymore. specifically baron davis. i dont think he is headed anywhere. the organization even said so, that they are not looking to trade him at all...

another possible candidate...Marcus Camby?

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Baron Davis isn't going anywhere. He is the Hornets franchise player. They won't trade him, and if they do...they are stupid.:D

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Honestly, I don't think that Baron will be traded because their GM, Bob Bass, has openly admitted to rejecting an offer from the Clipps. He also said that they had "no interest in trading Davis at all", according to a New Orleans Times-Picayune article. However, the Hornets may be taking a big gamble by doing this, because Baron is an FA after the season. So basically, I think the Hornets are trying to get Baron to observe and maybe like playing in NO, in order to hopefully sign him to a long-term deal.
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