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Jesus Christ, I'm a Gen X son of a boomer and can't figure out how to get the ESPN sceencaps in this shit. AA, help me out, brother. I tried.

We got...

Fordham vs Rice (Rice is getting 4.5). I want to pound Fordham and I don't care if you crack innuendo jokes on that, get it done, Fordham, they ain't won shit since 1970.
And VCU vs the evilest empire, Syracuse (giving 6). Let VCU win by 90 because Fuck Syracuse. How's VCU's 3 shooting? If you hit threes and hi-low with a post passer, you win.
G Dub vs Missouri State (and Mo State is getting 11 points? Fuck that shit, Missouri State doesn't know if they're FCS or basketball, let's fuck their asses up)
UMass vs UMass Lowell. UMass favored by 9, which is a spread I do not like, but BE A GODDAMNED FLAGSHIP and PIMPSLAP YOUR SIDE PIECE. They have looked good this year, but win or change your hashtag.
Saint Louis vs Stone Cold Stephen F Austin. I drank with those SFA guys in Dallas in 2018, and SFA is a good program, but they're aspiring to FBS, so we need you to put them down. I do not see a line... be easy money Bills, you got this
Mason vs South Dakota State. Again, I don't see a line. Probably because Vegas cannot keep the Dakota schools straight either. Fuck that shit up.
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