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The Bright Side:

1) 12-and-a-half miles one way isn't that bad-- heck, that's closer than Gresham!!

2) Since they'll be playing a non-playoff team that's down a star, it will be less crowded to park on a nearby street, and the game will likely be more competitive, since this Blazers team gets schooled by most shooting guards.

3) You could be one of the few to say, "I was there when..." if something amazing happens. That's always a draw for me when it comes to any sporting event. Like say Blaze loses his mask, and makes kids cry... or Darius scores 20. Think of it as a privledge to be there.

4) They NEED you (a marketing technique I believe the Blazers should employ). If you're not there screaming your head off, Darius can hear the voices in his head too clearly, and do bad bad things.

Let's Go Blazers!
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