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2003-2004 NBA draft prospects

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here are some of the prospects for the next few years, and more to come later.

Jameer Nelson= Tough little PG than can creat for other players, probably will not be a lottery pick or anything but could be a good NBA player. Love his ability to creat shots for other players!

Romain Sato=Great upside, he is a very good guard that can rebound and score the ball. Teams will draft him high just because he does have the ability to be a great player.

Isma'il Muhammad=Very, Very good athelete, he is a low post player but has really good upside to him. Just needs to develop other parts of his game and he will be a 1st round pick.

Julius Hodge=Long lengthy guard that could be a big time player. He is a slasher type player but needs to get better at defense and needs to work on his dribbling. But please get in the weight room, he is way to skinny!

Rickey Paulding=A top 7 pick I say when he comes out. He is big, strong, quick, and can flat out fly! Has a good jump shot and has a ok handle. Just needs to work on defense and passing. Has the athletic ability to be a great SG, but the rest must follow.

Rick Rickert=Plays like VanHorn with a way better post game. He has all the moves down low and has great feet. Can shoot the three and post up. If he works on his blocking and dribbling ability he could turn out to be a lottery pick. And I will be seeing him in person at the U of M next year.

Andre Brown=A lot like Drew Gooden in body type, but I would say Andre is way more explosive. Great at taking the ball to the hoop and rebounding. Just needs to gain weight and keep up his defensive intensity.

Nick Smith=Has unreal touch for a frosh 7-2 big man. But obviously needs to get stronger and bigger weight and muscle wise. Could be a nice center prospect if he get bigger though and works on his rebounding and blocking.

More to come later............
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