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Been a couple of openings already. Latest is Northern Illinois fired their coach. Lamar Chapman the former Stony Brook assistant is the interim coach at the moment for NIU. I also was inspired to post this after seeing BC (a hot seat favorite) drub Miami last night...because both those coaches might not be coaching there next year. Larranaga might want to retire. He's 71 and is staring at three-straight bad years. He's had a good run there, but might be time to go.

Anyway here's what's officially open: Wichita State (abuse allegations), Penn State (abuse/racism allegations), Northern Illinois (performance?), Tennessee-Martin (sadly because their coach died), Texas State (abuse/racism allegations)

DePaul seems like a safe bet to open. Guys like Pastner at Georgia Tech and Brownell at Clemson are always options but that seems to yo-yo based on the day and how much they manage to win. Same for Maryland with Turgeon and the entire fanbase hating the guy. I could actually see him splitting especially if he only has 2 years left on his deal and just going and taking another job (go back to Wichita State? Maybe Iowa State or SMU opens?)

For the mid-major types, Fordham has to be a lock to make a change. Paulsen at George Mason is trending down...New Mexico was once good and now they suck and that program does have high for the low majors? Binghamton! Not, Dempsey gets an extension thanks to that "sophomore promise!"
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