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Here are some of the names we have that have declared for the 2040 KVBL Draft.

1. James Payton - SF/SG - 22 - 6'7 - UNLV
2. Craig Jones - SG/PG - 22 - 6'3 - University of Arkansas
3. Darius Stone - PF/SF - 21 - 6'7 - Baylor University
4. Terrence Kingston - SG - 20 - 6'6 - Indiana University
5. Kyle Timkins - PG - 20 - 6'1 - Indiana University
6. Joseph Bowman - SG/PG/SF - 19 - 6'7 - University of North Carolina
7. Russell Redd - SG/PG - 22 - 6'3 - Ohio State
8. Nick Persons - C - 24 - 6'11 - Duke University
9. Calvin Palmer - PF/C - 22 - 6'9 - Syracuse University
10. Danny Rich - SF - 21 - 6'6 - University of Arizona
11. Teddy Woods - SF/SG - 22 - 6'4 - University of Kentucky
12. Dwayne Boudraux - PF - 19 - 6'11 - The University of Utah
13. Carl Black - SG/PG - 20 - 6'1 - University of Nebraska
14. Gil Bartell - SG/PG - 22 - 6'4 - Kansas University
15. Chris Salgado - PF - 22 - 6'10 - Seton Hall University
16. Max Livingston - PG - 23 - 6'1 - Oklahoma State University
17. Jay Holland - SF/SG - 21 - 6'7 - New Mexico State University
18. Buck Russell - PG - 24 - 6'1 - UCLA
19. Darryl Mosley - C - 22 - 6'11 - East Tennessee State University
20. Willie Earl - C - 21 - 6'9 - Princeton University
21. Duane Henderson - SG/SF - 22 - 6'6 - University of Alabama
22. Moe 'Mo Gunz' Jackson - PG - 21 - 6'1 - DePaul University
23. Reggie Marshall - SG/SF - 21 - 6'5 - UMass
24. Milo Hughes - PF/C - 22 - 6'11 - Georgetown University

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Scouting Reports

1. James Payton - SF/SG - 22 - 6'7 - UNLV​

James Payton is on of those typical cautionary tales in college basketball. He was a local legend in Reno basketball circles. Known for filling gyms both home and away. Jumped out the gym and was an All around stud. Made the McDonald's All American game also. However, trouble just seemed to keep finding him. Had to redshirt his first year due to undisclosed disciplinary issues. Had a promising first two years until he allegedly pointed a gun at a student during a frat party, leading the university to suspend him for the first semester's games. Some deterrent. In late July, he was arrested in Vegas and charged with violations ranging from drunken driving to carrying a pistol. Although he did complete his senior season showing flashes of the talent that earned him his rep, some of the tantalizing talent seems to have gone wasted.​

1st Year: 29.1 minutes 11.7 points 3.5 rebounds 2.7 assists 1.8 steals 0.1 blocks 3.0 TOs 44% FG 36% 3FG(1.8 attempts) 77% FT(4.2 attempts)
2nd Year: 29.8 minutes 13.4 points 4.0 rebounds 2.4 assists 1.7 steals 0.5 blocks 2.5 TOs 45% FG 39% 3FG(2.3 attempts) 73% FT(3.8 attempts)
3rd Year: 20.5 minutes 10.0 points 2.8 rebounds 2.5 assists 1.1 steals 0.5 blocks 1.2 TOs 46% FG 33% 3FG(1.3 attempts) 79% FT(2.8 attempts)
4th Year: 24.1 minutes 13.1 points 3.8 rebounds 3.3 assists 1.8 Steals 1.1 blocks 1.9 TOs 49% FG 38% 3FG(2.2 attempts) 84% FT(4.5 attempts)

2. Craig Jones - SG/PG - 22 - 6'3 - University of Arkansas​

Nothing stands out with Craig, and everything does. It’s not one minute, it’s 40. It’s not one play, it’s every play. He does everything you’re supposed to do on defense and doesn’t take any short cuts. Plus he does it every night. When you play against Jones, you’re in for a night of all-around basketball. He’ll hound you everywhere you go, both ends of the court. You just expect it. Of all the things I like about him, his mental toughness is about as strong as anyone. Jones isn't just a complete player, but incredibly consistent too. At Arkansas, was known as “the guy who won’t let us lose”. Around the rest of the SEC, he was seen as one of the fiercest competitors — and certainly the toughest defender — the league had to offer. Don't make the mistake that he is a specialist though as his all around game extends to the offensive end also except he plays more like a big than a guard.​

1st Year: 35.1 minutes 12.6 points 7.6 rebounds 2.1 assists 1.0 steals 0.5 blocks 3.0 TOs 57% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 73% FT(2.8 attempts)
2nd Year: 35.8 minutes 15.4 points 7.4 rebounds 1.5 assists 1.2 steals 0.5 blocks 3.0 TOs 55% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 68% FT(6.1 attempts)
3rd Year: 35.9 minutes 17.3 points 7.7 rebounds 1.7 assists 1.2 steals 0.5 blocks 3.2 TOs 59% FG 33% 3FG(0.5 attempts) 79% FT(7.1 attempts)
4th Year: 38.6 minutes 22.0 points 7.6 rebounds 2.7 assists 1.5 Steals 0.5 blocks 3.6 TOs 56% FG 38% 3FG(0.9 attempts) 86% FT(8.5 attempts)

3. Darius Stone - PF/SF - 21 - 6'7 - Baylor University​

Offensively, he has a very strong inside game. Stone has good quickness and runs the break well. He used this quickness to try to draw people out and then blow by them. This worked better last year. This year people laid off him and dared him to beat them from the outside. This is his greatest weakness. However, he is a hard worker so maybe he can develop his outside game. Defensively, Stone is a hard worker, but again, in the KVBL he will be guarding people who are bigger, stronger and quicker then he is. At 6-7 this is a real concern. Stone is a good rebounder but needs to work on his positioning. On thing that has crept up this year is that he is starting to have some foul trouble. Stone fouled out in the finals of the conference tournament and the first two games in the NCAA. Stone will have to work hard to be a impact KVBL power forward at 6-7 or improve his quickness/outside skills to be a KVBL small forward.​

1st Year: 25.2 minutes 14.6 points 5.1 rebounds 1.7 assists 0.4 steals 1.2 blocks 2.2 TOs 57% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 62% FT(5.4 attempts)
2nd Year: 29.1 minutes 20.4 points 7.7 rebounds 2.2 assists 1.1 steals 1.1 blocks 2.6 TOs 63% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 70% FT(6.3 attempts)
3rd Year: 31.0 minutes 19.7 points 7.5 rebounds 2.3 assists 1.7 steals 0.8 blocks 2.4 TOs 55% FG 17% 3FG(0.2 attempts) 67% FT(7.8 attempts)

4. Terrence Kingston - SG - 20 - 6'6 - Indiana University​

Kingston has ended a very good career at Indiana University, coming off back to back appearances in the Final game while wining it all in his freshman year with Kyle Timkins. Most notable for forming the boom portion of the "Tick Tick Boom" backcourt with Timkins. Kingston usually provided the scoring for the Hoosiers. Very skinny with and extraordinarily long 7'2 wingspan. Kingston appeared to be much taller than his 6'6 height. Not the most physical or involved defender, he was able to make some plays due to his length. Although he was able to get to the free throw line in college, it was mostly due to his long arms and not driving to the hoop. More scorer than shooter but never stops shooting and thinks he can make them from anywhere. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. Not for nothing teammates anointed the 195-pound Kingston with the un-menacing nickname of Bone. Yet he possesses a malevolent stare and the heart of an assassin. When Terrence isn't running down and gunning down opponents he is trash-talking them to death.​

1st Year: 23.2 minutes 13.3 points 4.0 rebounds 1.5 assists 1.5 steals 0.8 blocks 2.3 TOs 45% FG 34% 3FG(2.8 attempts) 72% FT(4.3 attempts)
2nd Year: 28.8 minutes 19.5 points 5.4 rebounds 2.5 assists 2.3 steals 0.9 blocks 2.4 TOs 49% FG 40% 3FG(5.0 attempts) 76% FT(5.2 attempts)

5. Kyle Timkins - PG - 20 - 6'1 - Indiana University​

Timkins plays with the grim mien of an undertaker. Don't be deceived, though, by his quiet manner. As a sophomore, he shot 50.4% from three-point range and averaged 14.5 points, 5.2 assists, 2.9 rebounds, 1.9 steals and only 1.7 turnovers in 32 high-speed minutes a game. You can tell when Kyle's taking over by the look in his eyes. He is a low-key, team-oriented player. Even though his older sister had married the coaches son, he wasn't initially recruited to Indiana until leading his HS team to the state title. Timkins now spearheads the Hoosiers fullcourt pressure defense and commands the offense. Not flashy or a big scoring threat. He is a solid prospect in the KVBL.

1st Year: 31.3 minutes 12.9 points 3.2 rebounds 4.2 assists 1.6 steals 0.1 blocks 1.6 TOs 50% FG 45% 3FG(2.3 attempts) 74% FT(2.8 attempts)
2nd Year: 32.3 minutes 14.5 points 2.9 rebounds 5.2 assists 1.9 steals 0.2 blocks 1.7 TOs 51% FG 50% 3FG(3.7 attempts) 79% FT(2.1 attempts)
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6. Joseph Bowman - SG/PG/SF - 19 - 6'7 - University of North Carolina​

Bowman has excellent size to play the small forward or shooting guard positions. Can really extend the defense because of the fact that he is a consistent 3-point threat. Owns a smooth first step that he uses to get past defenders and penetrate to the lane. Deadly in isolation. Has the ability to shoot off the dribble something that most kids need time to develop. Plays very poised and under control doesn't really let his emotions get carried away in a game. Wonderful all-around game does a little bit of everything like rebound and look for the open teammate for a pass. Fast hands and is very good at playing the passing lanes for easy steals. Has very good ball handling skills for a player of his size could even play some point guard if needed.. Plays with quiet confidence in himself and has shown some ability to be a leader. Can create his offense off the dribble either on the pull up or using his court vision to pass to an open teammate. Doesn't have that killer type attitude must strive to maintain his aggressiveness in a game. Doesn't have that much upper body strength could stand to lift some weights. Still doesn't know the ins and outs of a game must continue to hone his fundamentals. Some have questioned his toughness due to the fact that he is not very receptive to physical play. Needs to protect the ball better as he had to many turnovers. Needs to stop playing on cruise control and play with some fire although he did show that side more this year​

1st Year: 31.8 minutes 16.0 points 5.7 rebounds 2.2 assists 2.0 steals 0.5 blocks 2.7 TOs 46% FG 37% 3FG(3.3 attempts) 76% FT(3.4 attempts)
2nd Year: 29.1 minutes 14.2 points 6.4 rebounds 2.6 assists 1.4 steals 0.4 blocks 2.3 TOs 47% FG 44% 3FG(2.6 attempts) 75% FT(3.0 attempts)

7. Russell Redd - SG/PG - 22 - 6'3 - Ohio State​

Something curious happened as we made the rounds at the NCAA Final Four, we asked all the guards playing on the final weekend about the guy they'd least like to see defending them in a life-or-death possession. To a man, everyone responded with the same answer: Russell Redd. Redd was known as a defensive hound who took it as a personal affront if you beat him off the dribble. He's a defensive player that slaps, grabs, and holds. He's intense all the time. You have to use your teammates to run screens. That was the only way to beat him. Despite his elite defensive chops, Redd is not inept on offense. Capable of running a team or playing off the ball. Three point shot is a work in progress. Will likely never be a good shooter from distance but he is at least willing to take them. Not the greatest ball handler and could afford to dial some of the intensity on the offensive end.​

1st Year: 17.7 minutes 7.3 points 2.2 rebounds 1.8 assists 1.3 steals 0.1 blocks 1.6 TOs 53% FG 33% 3FG(1.8 attempts) 60% FT(2.1 attempts)
2nd Year: 32.7 minutes 14.2 points 4.9 rebounds 3.6 assists 3.1 steals 0.3 blocks 3.3 TOs 55% FG 31% 3FG(1.4 attempts) 66% FT(4.1 attempts)
3rd Year: 34.7 minutes 15.5 points 5.5 rebounds 6.0 assists 2.9 steals 0.4 blocks 4.3 TOs 50% FG 34% 3FG(2.8 attempts) 67% FT(5.7 attempts)

8. Nick Persons - C - 24 - 6'11 - Duke University​

A big strong traditional center. Persons loves to mix it up on the inside. Very smart player with great touch around the basket. Establishes great post position and has an array of moves to get his shot off even against hard double teams. Kind of a black hole. I mean he can pass but he just doesn't. Always sees himself as the best option once he has the ball. When he doesn't have the ball, he is known for his bone crushing screens (sometimes with a little elbow additive). Even started to extend his range a little bit every year. Defensively, he gets in the right position. Fights in the post and tries to strip his opponent rather than challenge shots. Kind of lost when switched on to smaller guys but does very well helping his teammates. Plus defender but not a rim protector.​

1st Year: 10.0 minutes 2.6 points 2.4 rebounds 0.4 assists 0.2 steals 0.2 blocks 1.0 TOs 64% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 75% FT(0.6 attempts)
2nd Year: Transfer
2nd Year: 31.7 minutes 13.3 points 7.3 rebounds 0.6 assists 0.6 steals 0.3 blocks 2.7 TOs 54% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 63% FT(3.6 attempts)
3rd Year: 36.7 minutes 18.2 points 9.2 rebounds 0.8 assists 0.8 steals 0.7 blocks 3.1 TOs 60% FG 33% 3FG(0.5 attempts) 77% FT(6.6 attempts)
5th Year: 36.8 minutes 22.1 points 8.4 rebounds 0.7 assists 1.1 Steals 0.5 blocks 2.5 TOs 61% FG 38% 3FG(0.9 attempts) 72% FT(7.3 attempts)

9. Calvin Palmer - PF/C - 22 - 6'9 - Syracuse University​

Calvin Palmer is a big man. I mean he tips the scales north of 300lbs but refused to be weighed at the combine. Despite his size, he was one of the best bigs in college this season. Deft touch around the rim, soft hands, toughness… as well as fatigue, late-game laziness and a dash or two of eye-rolling is all part of the Calvin Palmer experience. Flirts with triple and quadruple doubles with his pin point passing and great shot blocking but never was able to stay on the court long enough to accumulate the stats. Despite his hefty size, he has quick and nimble feet. Always in position to slide off his man and erase his teammates defensive mistakes. Also he is almost impossible to move in the post. Does most of his offensive damage from face up shooting. Not much of a post or drive threat. Could become a impact three point shooter in the future.​

1st Year: 20.0 minutes 7.7 points 3.7 rebounds 1.4 assists 0.7 steals 2.0 blocks 2.2 TOs 55% FG33% 3FG(0.4 attempts) 64% FT(2.6 attempts)
2nd Year: 21.6 minutes 11.1 points 6.3 rebounds 1.4 assists 1.2 steals 2.4 blocks 2.2 TOs 64% FG 0% 3FG(0.1 attempts) 65% FT(3.8 attempts)
3rd Year: 24.5 minutes 15.7 points 7.7 rebounds 2.7 assists 1.4 steals 2.9 blocks 2.9 TOs 70% FG 33% 3FG(0.1 attempts) 64% FT(3.6 attempts)
4th Year: 28.1 minutes 13.5 points 7.7 rebounds 3.0 assists 1.1 Steals 2.6 blocks 2.8 TOs 60% FG 0% 3FG(0.3 attempts) 65% FT(3.9 attempts)

10. Danny Rich - SF - 21 - 6'6 - University of Arizona​

What a difference a year makes. After hitting the winning shot to propel Arizona to the NCAA championship, Rich was considered a sure lottery pick. This year scouts are questioning his quickness, his ability to create his own shot and just what position he will play in the KVBL (SF or SG). Offensively, Rich is primarily a three point shooter with almost half of his shot attempts being threes. This has led some scouts to question his offensive skills. Shooting stand still threes in college does not translate well to the pros. Rich did not show much in the way of breaking down the defender and penetrating a defense. Rich is a very aggressive defensive player. He overplays and tries to go for a lot of steals. He could have problems in the KVBL trying to guard bigger small forwards or quicker shooting guards. As I said before, two years ago Rich would have been a lottery pick. This year, well he will still be a first rounder but probably not as high as he thought he would have gone.

1st Year: 28.7 minutes 17.4 points 4.4 rebounds 2.2 assists 1.6 steals 0.3 blocks 1.7 TOs 47% FG 44% 3FG(5.8 attempts) 80% FT(2.1 attempts)
2nd Year: 29.0 minutes 15.9 points 4.5 rebounds 3.0 assists 1.4 steals 0.3 blocks 1.5 TOs 47% FG 43% 3FG(5.8 attempts) 73% FT(2.1 attempts)
3rd Year: 32.1 minutes 15.4 points 3.9 rebounds 2.3 assists 1.4 steals 0.1 blocks 2.0 TOs 46% FG 43% 3FG(6.5 attempts) 78% FT(2.0 attempts)
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11. Teddy Woods - SF/SG - 22 - 6'4 - University of Kentucky​

When Teddy Woods first arrived on the Kentucky campus, the Wildcat coaching staff wanted to change the form on his ugly shot. "Hey,why would you want to change my shot when it’s going in?” Woods told them. Woods sometimes launched from different area codes it seemed, could appear to be hoisted from nearly as far behind his head as from the basket. And for four years at Kentucky, Woods was one of the most consistent shooters in school history. Doesn't do much else but when that ball swings to him, he is going to make the shot. KVBL teams drafting Woods will be hoping for him to become more prolific from three point range and maybe he can with time. Defensively, he takes few chances and does not have the athleticism to be a stopper. Shouldn't hurt you though.​

1st Year: 15.7 minutes 6.2 points 2.5 rebounds 0.7 assists 1.0 steals 0.2 blocks 0.9 TOs 50% FG 39% 3FG(1.6 attempts) 81% FT(1.2 attempts)
2nd Year: 30.8 minutes 16.3 points 7.0 rebounds 0.8 assists 1.0 steals 0.5 blocks 1.9 TOs 50% FG 39% 3FG(1.7 attempts) 83% FT(2.1 attempts)
3rd Year: 32.9 minutes 19.7 points 5.5 rebounds 0.8 assists 1.1 steals 0.5 blocks 1.8 TOs 53% FG 39% 3FG(2.6 attempts) 74% FT(3.0 attempts)
4th Year: 33.3 minutes 16.8 points 5.7 rebounds 0.8 assists 0.9 steals 0.8 blocks 1.7 TOs 56% FG 43% 3FG(2.3 attempts) 87% FT(2.7 attempts)

12. Dwayne Boudraux - PF - 19 - 6'11 - The University of Utah​

Boudraux will get many baskets at the next level solely from his energy, as he runs the floor in transition well to get ahead of the defense, rolls aggressively to the rim, and establishes deep post position. He's also a relentless offensive rebounder. He crashes the glass hard with a great nose for the ball, chases down rebounds outside his area, and proves adept at converting put backs. His lack of explosiveness hurts his ability to finish against rim protectors, so he counters with a quick second jump pursuing offensive rebounds and a quick release to avoid being blocked. He'll need to continue to get stronger or refine his finesse game to find success at the rim at the next level as he is mainly a below the rim player He is a great jump shooter for a big man and has range to the mid-range and beyond. Defensively, Boudraux is constantly active and has the potential to guard either interior or perimeter players. He can leverage his size and strength to slow down big men in the paint and showed the ability to move his feet well enough to stay in front of guards on the perimeter when Utah switched on the pick and roll. With the intensity he brings to the court combined with his physical tools, he could help a team in multiple ways defensively and has the potential to be a nice asset for a KVBL team on this end of the floor.​

1st Year: 27.0 minutes 12.3 points 6.8 rebounds 1.5 assists 1.0 steals 1.6 blocks 1.2 TOs 51% FG 27% 3FG(1.0 attempts) 74% FT(3.5 attempts)
2nd Year: 29.9 minutes 17.5 points 8.9 rebounds 1.2 assists 1.1 steals 1.4 blocks 1.6 TOs 54% FG 47% 3FG(0.8 attempts) 74% FT(4.3 attempts)

13. Carl Black - SG/PG - 20 - 6'1 - University of Nebraska​

Carl Black led the Huskers in points, assists, steals, and minutes played as a freshmen. Albeit, the team was not good and the coach was fired. As a sophomore the most obvious skill Black put on display was his wonderful shooting touch, particularly from mid-range distances. He's money in the bank either in spot-up fashion, off the dribble even after crossover moves, or coming of a cutter. He shows elegant mechanics, with nice elevation and a fluid release. His range goes out to the three-point line, being also able to knock down off-the-dribble treys, but visibly more comfortable in spot-up mode. Using his nice quickness and very solid ball-handling skills, Black can create his own shot or attack the basket, either to finish himself or effectively dish the ball. Still, he eventually forced too much, over-dribbling and allowing opposing defenses to collapse on him, even if that wasn't the most consistent pattern at all. Still, what didn't come clear out of his performance is his ability to successfully run the point and distribute the ball as a playmaker. Our personal guess is that he won't have much trouble in this regard, as he seems to enjoy the tools and showed a nice ability to find open teammates. He's obviously extremely undersized for a shooting guard, and his KVBL hopes rely on how well he fills a playmaking role. Defensively, Black plays with great all-around effort, and uses his length well to keep the offense from penetrating. Help defense positioning appears to be another strength for the sophomore guard, though he does struggle to fight through screens against stronger players at times but this problem is likely solved in the weight room.​

1st Year: 34.4 minutes 13.9 points 4.5 rebounds 3.1 assists 1.7 steals 0.4 blocks 2.0 TOs 43% FG 39% 3FG(5.4 attempts) 81% FT(3.9 attempts)
2nd Year: 33.8 minutes 12.1 points 6.6 rebounds 2.4 assists 1.3 steals 0.5 blocks 2.0 TOs 41% FG 38% 3FG(4.9 attempts) 64% FT(3.8 attempts)

14. Gil Bartell - SG/PG - 22 - 6'4 - Kansas University​

Gil Bartell may have been the Jackson Pollock painting version of a college player, all frantic arms and legs, his shot looking like those misguided blotches and scribbles on canvass. He also made getting to the hoop an art form. He loves being in the paint and drawing contact. He is even often seen abusing bigger guards when matched up. Tough inner city street game straight out of the park. Never attempted a three pointer in college and refused to let his matchup get clean looks from deep. Always playing up on the opponent with his long arms allowing him to strip anyone that got pass him. Extremely wild player and a fan favorite. Loves to grab and go on the boards and punish defenses with putback dunks. Jumpshot looked iffy whenever he was forced to use it.​

1st Year: 29.9 minutes 11.3 points 4.5 rebounds 3.3 assists 2.7 steals 0.9 blocks 3.9 TOs 51% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 60% FT(4.0 attempts)
2nd Year: 35.8 minutes 14.8 points 5.2 rebounds 3.5 assists 3.1 steals 0.4 blocks 3.7 TOs 51% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 66% FT(5.6 attempts)
3rd Year: 36.8 minutes 18.2 points 5.7 rebounds 3.3 assists 2.8 steals 0.4 blocks 3.9 TOs 53% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 64% FT(7.9 attempts)

15. Chris Salgado - PF - 22 - 6'10 - Seton Hall University​

Salgado is a plug and play power forward. Great college player but lacks the length and athleticism to be great in the KVBL. As a college post player Salgado is in an elite class, possessing the strength, smarts and touch necessary to be an All-American. As a pro prospect, he lacks great size, length and athleticism, and he needs to become more of a threat with his mid-range jump shot. Salgado does have tremendous work ethic though, and his constant hustle makes him a coach's dream. There's a reason he is on everyone's short list for national player of the year honors; he has tremendous post skills and a great feel for the game. On the defensive end Salgado has continued to be a solid post presence. What he lacks in leaping ability and length, he makes up for with his strength and basketball IQ. Salgado is very tough to back down on the block, and his constant hustle makes him a pesky defender, leading to 1.5 steals per game so far this season. He does a nice job on help defense, often reading opponents' next moves before they make them; he picks up a fair number of charges in the process.​

1st Year: 25.1 minutes 8.3 points 4.6 rebounds 1.3 assists 0.3 steals 0.4 blocks 1.8 TOs 51% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 73% FT(2.5 attempts)
2nd Year: 35.6 minutes 16.2 points 6.7 rebounds 1.2 assists 0.8 steals 06 blocks 2.6 TOs 53% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 78% FT(5.5 attempts)
3rd Year: 32.9 minutes 16.3 points 5.4 rebounds 1.4 assists 0.9 steals 0.7 blocks 2.5 TOs 56% FG 35% 3FG(1.5 attempts) 74% FT(5.9 attempts)
4th Year: 35.9 minutes 18.6 points 6.0 rebounds 1.4 assists 1.5 Steals 0.8 blocks 2.8 TOs 55% FG 37% 3FG(1.9 attempts) 74% FT(6.1 attempts)

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16. Max Livingston - PG - 23 - 6'1 - Oklahoma State University​

A good offensive point guard who will run the pick and roll and hit spot up shots from the perimeter. Displays a very fundamentally sound shooting stroke and can stretch the floor after he initiates the offense. Good catch and shoot guy. Just as capable off the dribble. Would much rather pull up than attack the rim due to his lack of size and leaping ability. Has the quickness to create separation off the dribble. Can absolutely take over a game at times with his stroke, and change the complexion of the contest making him a tremendous option to bring off the bench as a change of pace guard. If his shooting stroke isn't on, though, he can become a liability. Doesn't project to be an efficient player throughout his due to his struggles converting shots around the rim. A very good defender who uses his quickness to hawk the ball, but does not have great length at 6-1. Can be a real nuisance for less athletic point guards. Moves his feet extremely well and maintains a low stance. Will get too aggressive sometimes and get beaten off the dribble, but not often. Commits some fouls by nature of his assertiveness. Does his best to keep the ball out of the lane. Not a risk taker, but plays with a physicality that allows him to be a very good defensive point guard. Struggles when forced to defend shooting guards, though, which happens fairly often. Not strong enough at times to fight through screens on the pick and roll. Lacks the height to contest shots and make an impact on the glass. Redshirt JUCO transfer.​

1st Year: 23.9 minutes 12.3 points 2.1 rebounds 2.3 assists 1.5 steals 0.0 blocks 2.0 TOs 45% FG 41% 3FG(5.6 attempts) 89% FT(1.6 attempts)
2nd Year: 35.8 minutes 16.6 points 2.4 rebounds 3.3 assists 1.7 steals 0.0 blocks 2.2 TOs 46% FG 43% 3FG(7.6 attempts) 78% FT(2.5 attempts)

17. Jay Holland - SF/SG/PG? - 21 - 6'7 - New Mexico State University​

Tall, versatile wing is a mismatch waiting to happen at shooting guard. Has an outstanding feel for the game and the perfect attitude towards his team to compliment his athletic ability and length. Being able to run the offense effectively thanks to his ball-handling skills and natural passing ability, Holland understands the game extremely well and does a great job making his teammates better thanks to the smart and unselfish way he plays. He loves to put the ball on the floor and will finish with contact thanks to his toughness and ever-improving strength. The biggest question about Holland relates to his KVBL position. He is probably a shooting guard for the next level, but he may be the type of player who needs the ball in his hands constantly to make things happen. His shooting percentages are surprisingly good, but his mechanics are downright awful. This may hurt his pro potential, as some may question whether he'll have the time and space off to get his shots off as effectively in the KVBL. Holland seems hell bent on proving them wrong, though, and has continued to improve his range and accuracy over the summer according to reports. He also hasn't won too many games in his college career so far, which is another question mark that needs to be answered, although his supporting cast and the coaching staff he's played under have been less than stellar to say the least.​

1st Year: 32.4 minutes 12.2 points 5.5 rebounds 3.4 assists 2.0 steals 0.7 blocks 2.6 TOs 48% FG 27% 3FG(2.3 attempts) 57% FT(4.6 attempts)
2nd Year: 31.8 minutes 16.2 points 4.8 rebounds 3.4 assists 2.5 steals 0.5 blocks 2.0 TOs 48% FG 40% 3FG(3.0 attempts) 66% FT(5.5 attempts)
3rd Year: 354.8 minutes 18.4 points 4.8 rebounds 3.3 assists 2.6 steals 0.5 blocks 2.2 TOs 44% FG 34% 3FG(4.7 attempts) 75% FT(6.0 attempts)

18. Buck Russell - PG - 24 - 6'1 – UCLA​

Former JUCO teammate of Willie Earl. They won a JUCO championship as Freshman and promptly transferred to Division 1 opportunities. Buck is a very bland point guard prospect known for his leadership and game management. Tough defensively but limited due to his length and athleticism. Not much of a scorer and struggles to beat quicker guards off the bounce. Does most of his damage posting up point guards and acting as the hub of the Bruins offense. He is very old as a prospect because he had academic issues coming out of high school and spent two seasons at prep school.​

1st Year: 25.7 minutes 7.0 points 3.8 rebounds 3.6 assists 1.5 steals 0.2 blocks 2.6 TOs 50% FG 0% 3FG(0.1 attempts) 67% FT(4.1 attempts)
2nd Year: 25.8 minutes 8.8 points 3.9 rebounds 5.0 assists 2.0 steals 0.2 blocks 2.8 TOs 51% FG 46% 3FG(0.3 attempts) 67% FT(5.2 attempts)
3rd Year: 29.1 minutes 7.9 points 4.8 rebounds 5.3 assists 1.8 steals 0.2 blocks 2.7 TOs 49% FG 49% 3FG(1.3 attempts) 67% FT(3.1 attempts)

19. Darryl Mosley - C - 22 - 6'11 - East Tennessee State University​

A former McDonald's All American, Mosley was thought to be the crown jewel for East Tennessee State. Unfortunately, the size and athleticism he displayed in high school didn't translate into a exceptional basketball player. The number one problem is his hands. Never seems to grasp the ball cleanly. Not on offense or even when getting to rebound chances. Although his turnovers are low, it is because his teammates learned early not to pass him the ball much at all. Defensively he is KVBL ready. Can cover ground with the best and usually gets to the right spots to help. Elite shotblocker both on and off the ball. Runs the court well. Just an athletic freak with good IQ and hands of granite. Not sure if this is a fixable problem in the pros but if anyone can get him to a functional level catching passes and grabbing rebounds, he would likely be a dominant KVBL big man.​

1st Year: 14.2 minutes 2.6 points 2.0 rebounds 0.2 assists 0.3 steals 0.7 blocks 0.9 TOs 41% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 56% FT(1.0 attempts)
2nd Year: 26.7 minutes 8.2 points 6.5 rebounds 0.5 assists 0.6 steals 2.5 blocks 1.6 TOs 46% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 61% FT(2.3 attempts)
3rd Year: 22.6 minutes 8.1 points 7.4 rebounds 0.3 assists 0.5 steals 2.7 blocks 1.4 TOs 50% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 64% FT(2.7 attempts)
4th Year: 24.8 minutes 9.3 points 7.3 rebounds 0.3 assists 0.4 Steals 2.6 blocks 1.7 TOs 53% FG 0% 3FG(0 attempts) 45% FT(2.0 attempts)

20. Willie Earl - C - 21 - 6'9 - Princeton University​

The one thing that immediately sticks out when talking to Willie Earl is how smart he is in general. A rare JUCO transfer to Princeton for hoops, he has been a stellar student and projects to be a future leader. Basketball-wise, he obviously has KVBL talent. He was dominant in JUCO and high school but once he was immersed in the Princeton campus ecosystem, it seems he treated basketball as an unwanted elective. He played his last two seasons probably about 30-40 pounds overweight and that hurt his quickness and minutes. Pre-draft talk has him back in optimal game shape and looking like his old dominant self which is why he is included on draft boards now. Coming out of JUCO, he looked like he could have been a top 5 pick but opted to get a superior education. Even his first season at Princeton, he looked very good coming off the bench for a top 10 team. His draft position will depend on his workouts and interviews. Teams are going to want to know where his head is as a player and how much does he really love basketball. For perspective, we will share our scouting report we had for him coming out of junior college:

A nicely athletic and coordinated player carrying around 255 lb. of muscle in his 6-9 body (he's probably 6-10 in shoes), his physical assets could be considered surprising when you consider that he's been playing organized basketball for just slightly over three years. Two areas clearly stand out in Willie Earl's game: his low-post game and his shooting stroke. He's usually working near the basket, easily establishing position down low against young players, showcasing his strength in the process. Still not very good at moving without the ball, when he receives it, Willie Earl appears unexpectedly comfortable playing with his back to the basket. He rarely delivers fancy moves, but shows promising footwork, nice quickness and uses his body pretty well. He usually tries to blow by his opponent looking for an easy basket with his right hand, but can also connect on turnaround shots and short jump-hooks, showing a nice soft touch near the rim (we even saw him attempt a lefty jump-hook that almost went in). Still very inconsistent shooting jumpers from the field, which he does try to do very often, his very intriguing stroke looks reliable from the free-throw line, showing excellent mechanics. He probably only needs to develop rhythm and gain experience in game situations to add this extremely useful weapon to his offensive repertoire. Apparently a pure off-the-ball player, Willie Earl doesn't show any ability putting the ball on the floor. Often setting picks for teammates, he rarely demands the ball, and just doesn't seem comfortable on the perimeter. He should really work in this area, since he has the physical set to be effective attacking the rim or pulling up for mid-range jumpers in pick-and-pop plays. On the other hand, he manages to get fed around the basket, taking advantage of slow defensive rotations (although he doesn't finish with dunks as often as you would expect). Strong, athletic and very mobile, Earl has the tools to be a good defender, but struggles on that end of the floor. He needs to better use his body to keep opponents from backing him down, be a little bit tougher, anticipate moves, not bite on fakes and, generally speaking, play a more fundamentally sound brand of defense. He also could stand to work harder when boxing-out, although his excellent wingspan and good hands compensate for his lack of rebounding fundamentals. Earl's basketball IQ is NOT a question mark. It's interesting to note that Earl is playing mostly as a center, but his mobility and shooting stroke should enable him to function as a power forward in a hypothetical KVBL future.​

1st Year: 15.3 minutes 6.9 points 5.6 rebounds 1.7 assists 0.9 steals 1.2 blocks 1.2 TOs 59% FG 47% 3FG(0.5 attempts) 86% FT(0.9 attempts)
2nd Year: 21.3 minutes 8.0 points 5.0 rebounds 1.4 assists 1.0 steals 0.5 blocks 1.6 TOs 45% FG 39% 3FG(2.8 attempts) 65% FT(1.0 attempts)
3rd Year: 20.3 minutes 7.3 points 4.7 rebounds 1.8 assists 0.7 steals 0.6 blocks 1.8 TOs 37% FG 35% 3FG(3.7 attempts) 62% FT(1.6 attempts)

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21. Duane Henderson - SG/SF - 22 - 6'6 - University of Alabama​

In terms of physical attributes, Duane Henderson grades out very well at the shooting guard position, showing excellent size at 6-6, a solid frame, a good wingspan, and very nice athletic ability. He is very agile, fluid and quick off his feet, and even explosive in some instances, fitting the bill and then some for a KVBL wing player. Most of Henderson's offense comes off his jump-shot, where he is at his best coming off screens and elevating from mid-range distances. He sets his feet quickly, and has a high release point on his jumper, adding in a slight fade-away that makes it pretty difficult to guard. He can put the ball on the floor once or twice and pull-up off the dribble semi-well, creating very nice separation from his defender in the process, a testament to his athletic ability. His shooting mechanics are not consistent and he has a few fundamental flaws that hinder him from being much more effective from long range, but his good touch and solid overall scoring instincts allow him to get by. Henderson's jumper loses accuracy when he's unable to fully set his feet before he releases it. He has plenty of wasted motion, starting off with the fact that he brings the ball down before bringing it back up, and then cocks it behind his head for good measure, which doesn't allow him to get it off as quickly as he should. He seems to kick his feet out unnecessarily after elevating off the ground, fading away for no particular reason, which hurts his percentages as well. As a slasher, Henderson is strong and athletic enough to get to the rim off one or two dribbles and will generally finish well once he gets there, but he's not crafty enough to consistently create his own shot even at the college level. His ball-handling skills are poor, as he's unable to change directions in traffic or execute any real advanced moves against opposition. He doesn't like finishing with his left hand, gets to the free throw line only about twice a game, and also lacks polish on his mid-range jumper. Defensively, Henderson is extremely poor, clearly lacking awareness and fundamentals, not getting in any type of real stance, getting lost within his team's scheme on a regular basis, and often resorting to just gambling for steals and chasing after the ball instead of rotating and playing sound defense. He has all the tools to be extremely effective in this area, so it's a bit surprising why he can't translate them into success on this end of the floor. His junior college roots likely have a lot to do with it. Henderson is a team player, though, not being selfish in the least bit, and looking more than willing to give up the ball within his team's offense. He executes their sets crisply and seems to have pretty good court vision, particularly in terms of making post-entry passes.​

1st Year: 31.0 minutes 11.8 points 4.8 rebounds 2.1 assists 1.3 steals 0.4 blocks 2.5 TOs 49% FG 36% 3FG(3.1 attempts) 73% FT(2.0 attempts)
2nd Year: 31.4 minutes 15.0 points 4.5 rebounds 2.6 assists 1.3 steals 0.2 blocks 2.8 TOs 46% FG 37% 3FG(4.3 attempts) 80% FT(2.2 attempts)

22. Moe 'Mo Gunz' Jackson - PG - 21 - 6'1 - DePaul University​

Moe Jackson has been box office since the 10th grade. A basketball phenom due to his insane quickness and athleticism. At only 6'1, he is known for dunking on opponents in transition, on put backs and catching alley-oops. He is almost impossible to stay in front of in the half court and is relentless attacking in transition. He left Illinois as the leading scorer in high school history and picked up right where he left off at DePaul. Coaches gave him the green light and he took advantage. Shot is erratic but seems to be improving as he shot 37% from deep on over 6 attempts but free throw percentage is the same despite the insane amount of times he gets to the line. Defensively, he is good at picking the ball up. Gets a lot of steals with his great anticipation but gambles a lot. But his steal numbers don't lie. Not particularly strong or lengthy. Gets lost in the half court defensively also. Also he doesn't seem to get his hands up much on shot attempts. Still despite all the flaws and the iffy jumper, he has a chance to lead the KVBL in scoring one day.​

1st Year: 32.2 minutes 20.4 points 3.3 rebounds 4.5 assists 3.0 steals 0.2 blocks 4.4 TOs 39% FG 23% 3FG(5.0 attempts) 69% FT(8.3 attempts)
2nd Year: 32.8 minutes 25.0 points 3.8 rebounds 4.7 assists 3.4 steals 0.4 blocks 3.8 TOs 48% FG 37% 3FG(6.4 attempts) 68% FT(8.6 attempts)

23. Reggie Marshall - SG/SF - 21 - 6'5 – Umass​

A very athletic shooting guard, with great scoring potential. A natural scorer. Marshall's graceful, compact moves on offense often evoke comparisons with Tremendous Justice. Marshall is probably more of a scorer than a natural shooter, but he can hit from long distance. He runs the break like a gazelle and can finish effectively. His size and diverse offensive game are well-suited to the up-tempo pace of the KVBL. A very good shooter, with quick release. shoots well coming of screens, and can also create his own shot off-the-dribble. good pull up J shooter. A slasher, can get to the basket in half court set, and is an explosive and exciting finisher, mostly on the break. Excellent runner, has good quickness and leaping ability, and big hands, which allows him to catch the ball on the move and dunk on people. Unselfish player, but not a gifted passer or ball handler, and won't be able to, say, play the point. Also has potential as a defender, not very big or strong, but has quick feet, and should be able to defend shooting guards on the perimeter.​

1st Year: 21.6 minutes 12.6 points 4.6 rebounds 1.4 assists 1.1 steals 0.2 blocks 1.4 TOs 51% FG 40% 3FG(2.4 attempts) 79% FT(3.0 attempts)
2nd Year: 32.8 minutes 21.1 points 6.8 rebounds 2.3 assists 1.9 steals 0.5 blocks 2.0 TOs 49% FG 45% 3FG(6.0 attempts) 73% FT(3.4 attempts)
3rd Year: 31.4 minutes 23.4 points 6.5 rebounds 3.3 assists 1.7 steals 0.5 blocks 2.3 TOs 47% FG 47% 3FG(7.1 attempts) 81% FT(4.2 attempts)

24. Milo Hughes - PF/C - 22 - 6'11 - Georgetown University​

This young man has what all KVBL teams look for. He’s a shot blocker, he’s extremely quick and if you double down on him, he’ll find the open man. A electrifying athlete who ran the floor and blocked shots. A defensive dominator who owned the paint. Used his exceptional length to corral rebounds and was an intimidating weakside shot-blocker. Did a nice job avoiding fouls. Offensively he had a solid short-range game & did a good job on put-backs. Wasn't a liability on free throws. Offensively his range is limited, and didn't do a great job creating his own shot. Never had much of a perimeter jumper to draw opposing defenses out. His offensive game improved a lot this past season. Was a clutch performer. Very intelligent ball player. Was more a great help defender than a bruising man-to-man stopper. But in time he won't get moved in the paint. Nothing should change in the KVBL as he has the requisite length and athleticism to be good from the start and might get to the point of being dominant in a few seasons...defensively.

1st Year: 21.9 minutes 10.2 points 6.4 rebounds 1.2 assists 0.6 steals 3.6 blocks 1.7 TOs 57% FG 0% 3FG(0.1 attempts) 60% FT(3.6 attempts)
2nd Year: 22.6 minutes 13.9 points 8.2 rebounds 1.2 assists 0.8 steals 3.4 blocks 1.8 TOs 55% FG 100% 3FG(hit his only attempt) 64% FT(4.3 attempts)
3rd Year: 30.6 minutes 20.5 points 10.2 rebounds 1.8 assists 1.0 steals 3.9 blocks 2.5 TOs 59% FG 0% 3FG(0.2 attempts) 70% FT(7.1 attempts)

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2040 KVBL Draft
1. Sidney Moncrief SF/SG (Craig Jones)
2. Corliss Williamson PF/C (Darius Stone)
3. Todd Day SG/SF (Terrence Kingston)
4. Lee Mayberry PG (Kyle Timkins)
5. Joe Johnson PG/SG/SF (Joseph Bowman)
6. Alvin Robertson PG/SG (Russell Redd)
7. Joe Kleine C (Nick Persons)
8. Oliver Miller C/PF (Calvin Palmer)
9. Scotty Thurman SG (Danny Rich)
10. Marvin Delph SF (Teddy Woods )
11. Bobby Portis PF (Dwayne Boudraux)
12. Patrick Beverly SG/PG (Carl Black)
13. Darrell Walker SG/PG (Gil Bartell )
14. Tyler Hansbrough PF (Chris Salgado)
15. Jannero Pargo PG (Max Livingston )
16. Ronnie Brewer SG/SF (Jay Holland)
17. Corey Beck PG (Buck Russell)
18. Andrew Lang C (Darryl Mosley )
19. Dwight Stewart C (Willie Earl)
20. Sonny Weems SG/SF(Duane Henderson)
21. Removed from draft
22. Ron Huery SF/SG(James Payton)
23. Ray Allen (Reggie Marshall)
24. Allen Iverson (Moe 'Mo Gunz' Jackson )
25. Marcus Camby (Milo Hughes)
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