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A lot of info in this post, so take your time and compare everything. If you are like me, once you will see all of the stats and compare them, then maybe you will come to some of the same conclusions I have! Some are quite interesting!!

First of all, many thanks to Dabullz for challenging me so to speak to get a break down of the team with and without Curry and this is what I am going to do first. This will be followed by this month, stats and then by all 20 games since the trade.

Bulls are 7-13. .350
W/Eddy 4-9
WO/Eddy 3-4

With Curry we are 4-9 and that in itself is a little misleading because he was hurt early during the Indy game and left the game. We won that game! So we can really say we are 3-9 with eddy and 4-4 without him!! (Actually we are 3-4 without him and because he did, technically play that Indy game for a handful of minutes then I counted that as a win with Eddy in the game!

I am going to break down Eddy's stats to the first few games he played before the injury and the last few games since he came back. this is eye opening to say the least!

First 6 games after the trade, bulls were 2-4 with Eddy playing major minutes. The second win was the Pacer upset at home. Eddy played 11 minutes that game.

Bulls stats in those 6 games. We shot 40.29% allowed 43.58%, We shot 35.2% in threes, allowed 34.45%. 47.66 rebounds. includes 15 offensive rebounds. Allowed 41 a game. 11.67 offensive reb. 7.67 steals, allowed 10.3 steals. 15.5 t/o allowed 14. Scored 88.83 pts a game, allowed 91.67.

Eddy? 30.3 minutes a game. 24-54 44.4%. 34-37 fts. 43 rebounds. 7.67 a game. 2.33 t/o a game. 1.16 blks a game. This is significant because Eddy since he came back from the injury has not had 1 blk, AT ALL.

The Bulls were 3-4 without Eddy. Including a two game winning streak going into the Miami game.

Bulls shot 38.5% allowed 43.93% 30.47% in threes. Allowed 27%. 43.29 rebounds. 14.86 in offensive rebounds. Allowed 46.28, 12.86 offensive. 12.14 t/o, allowed 17!! 10.57 steals. allowed 6.7. 86.71 pts allowed 87.57 a game

We allowed more rebounds. But look at the points allowed, and look at the t/o count without Eddy in the game. We still shot awful. True, Eddy averaged just 2 t/o a game in those 6 games, but as Dabullz rightfully told me earlier in the year, just because Curry had just two t/o doesn't mean he was responsible for other t/o! He was referring to Rose actually but the premise can apply to Curry in the case! Compare the stats before and after!

Bulls are now 2-5 with Eddy back.

39.46%, allows, 44.96%. 25.5% in threes allow 32%. 46 rebounds a game. 14.7 offensive. Allow, 42.9 9.71 offensive. 9.57 steals. Allow 7.29. 13.71 t/o a game. Allow, 15.14. 88.14 pts a game. Allow, 92.29

Eddy since his return.

7 games: 17.57 minutes a game. 29-54 53.7% 5.43 rebounds. 1.29 t/o a game. 10.29 pts a game 18-29 in free throws ZERO BLOCKS

So until last nights game Eddy shows promise in his offensive game. Even rebounding. He is over 10 pts a game in limited minutes. However, his defense is not there. Look at the points allowed before and after his return! All 13 games that he has played in we allow 91.77 pts a game, compared to 87.57 with Eddy out! Conclusion on Eddy? With Eddy back we increase scoring 1.5 pts a game and defense is worse. A lot worse. almost 4 complete points a game more! And some of this is in limited minutes since his return! So in reality if his minutes were doubled the bulls would giving up way more points than they are now!! His rebounding is needed. Defense is not in Eddys vocabulary! We have given up over 100 pts twice since the trade, both times was with Eddy playing. When Eddy was hurt, the highest point total allowed was 95. Eddy, had absolutely NO blocks in 7 games. None......

Last five games:

Gives us general idea of what we are really doing at the moment! Please note, during these last five games we had two games with ZERO blocks as a team.

39.76% as a team. 44.88 allowed. 23.38% in threes allow 30.26%. 44.4 rebounds, 14.6 off. allow, 41.6. just over 10 offensive. 9.2 steals, allowed 8.4. 14.8 t/o 16.2 allowed. 88.12pts a game allow 91.6

Crawford 15.4 pts a game 39.49% 24.32% in threes. 3.4 rebounds. 5 assists 2.6 t/o 1 steal a game.

Hinrich 13 pts a game. (two games of 19 in the last 5) 32.83% 25.8% in threes. 3.6 rebounds. 5.4 assists. 2.8 t/o 2.2 steals.

JYD 9.4 pts a game. 44.4% 9.2 rebounds. (over 4 offensive a game) 1 assist. 0.80 t/o a game. 2 steals a game.

Gill. 9.4 pts a game. 37.25%. 3.4 rebounds. 2.6 assists. 1.4 t/o a game( he had 5 vs. Miami) 1 steal a game.

Davis 9.4 pts a game. 39.58%. 8.8 rebounds. 1.6 assists. 2 t/o

Curry 9.4 pts 44.74%. 5.2 rebounds. 1.6 t/o

Blount 54.17% 5.4 pts. 4.2 rebounds. 1 assist. 0.60 t/o

Robinson 40.63% 5.8 pts. 1 rebound. 1.25 assists. 1 steal a game. (19 minutes a game)

Fizer. 30% 6.7 pts. 4 rebounds a game.

Brunson 14% 1.5 pts a game (9.5 minutes a game) 2.25 assists. 1.5 t/o 1 steal a game

Dupree 45.45% 13 pts a game. 6 rebounds. (4 offensive) 2 assists. 1 t/o

I will not list Jeffries and Johnson.

Bulls the last 20 games:

39.16% allow, 44.86. 45 rebounds. 43.8 rebounds. 13.7 t/o 15.45 allowed. 9.45 steals. 7.95 allowed. 3.7 blks a game. pitiful!!
87.9 pts a game. Allow, 90.3

Crawford. 38.98%. 18.5 pts a game. 28% in threes. 3.6 rebounds. 5.8 assists. 2.45 t/o. 1.9 steals a game.

Dupree. 45.45% 13 pts a game. 6 rebounds. 4 offensive. 2 assists. 1 t/o. (24 minutes a game)

Curry 49%. 12.15pts a game. 6.23 rebounds. 1.92 t/o 0.42 blocks a game

Hinrich 38.70% 12.15pts. 30.70% in threes. 4 rebounds a game. 6.6 assists. 3.1 t/o 1.3 steals.

Gill 37.18% 11.15pts. 21.05% in threes. 4.05 reb. 1.8 assists. 1.75 t/o 1.05 steals.

Davis 10.05 pts. 38.77%. 9.2 rebounds. 2 assists. 1.85 t/o 0.90 blks.

JYD 46.21% 9.05pts. 8.95 rebounds. 3.95 offensive. 1.45 assits. 1 t/o 1.85 steals.

Robinson 44.83% 6.21pts. 1.57 rebounds. 0.64 t/o

Blount 45.68% 5 pts. 5.06 reb. 1.13 assists. 0.53 t/o 1 steal.

Fizer 30.69% 6.75 pts. 5.9 rebounds. 1 assist. 1 t/o

Brunson 26.08%. 3.75 pts. 1.42 rebounds 2.77 assists. (13.08 minutes a game) 1.17 t/o 1.25 steals(15 steals in just 157 minutes played!!)

I will not include Jeffries and Johnson in this

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Hmmm, fascinating. Great use of colors.

Oh, the stats are nice too. :yes:

The real question is what the heck the stats mean.

One could interpret the lack of blocks, for example, several different ways. Maybe Eddy's conditioning really sucks raw eggs, and Skiles is running him into the ground and he just doesn't have fresh legs for games. That might also explain why he's getting his shot blocked a bunch.

Or, one could interpret the lack of blocks as mental breakdowns and not understanding what he needs to do. It could because it's a new system, it could be because he's lost confidence, or maybe he just got dumber.

Or maybe he's not trying.

The one thing that makes me think that it might be physical and conditioning is his comment:

"I have confidence," Curry said. "I just can't transfer it into energy to make the moves that I want to. When I get my legs back, I'll be better."
I noticed that all the papers but the Trib decided not to print that quote, but focused more on the negative. The Skiles quote, for example,

I don't know why there'd be a lack of confidence. On the other hand, when you're 7 feet tall and missing layups, maybe your confidence is affected.
That one got a lot of press, but I think it was taken out of context. In print, it sounds very sarcastic, but I really don't think it was mant that way. :devil:

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Must have been a tremendous amount of work! Thanks, TrueBlue! Biggest problem with this analysis is sample size, too. Who did the Bull play when Eddy was in, who when he was out.

Difficult to make any deductions here....
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